Annukka Tervo

Group Director (Team Leader)

Annukka Tervo is based in our Helsinki office and as the Head of Methodologies holds the main responsibility for the assessment methods and interview training as well as internal quality auditing. She joined Mercuri Urval in 2008 and has steadily expanded her responsibilities since. The majority of the assignments Annukka leads and participates into are related to strategic level organisational and personnel development initiatives, especially on a directorate level. Annukka has built long-lasting client relations also in the area of executive search, recruitment and selection services with a great professional interest in leadership assessments.

Annukka's pre-consultancy career experience includes B2C sales responsibilities at Telia, operating in an outsourced customer service team supporting nearly 40 client companies, and managing ESF funded educational programmes in public sector in the UK.

Annukka is familiar with various assessment tools and methods and possesses several certifications in Occupational Testing as well as European Certificate in Psychology (area of practice: Work & Organisation). She is an active member of many professional groups (e.g. Top ry, Henry ry, MiB), lectures and conducts coaching and mentoring especially in career counselling and professional self-reflection.

Annukka is a licensed psychologist and she holds BSc (Psychology) and MSc (Work Psychology & Business) degrees from two universities in Birmingham, UK. She uses Finnish and English daily at her work.