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How we help our clients

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How we help our clients

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How we help our clients

Executive Search and Talent Advisory

We exist to make sure organisations always have the right leadership capabilities in place, so they deliver the best possible results. We strive to always be the first choice for every organisation seeking improved results through increasing the performance of their people. The place where extraordinary consultants, clients and candidates meet and make a positive difference to each other's professional lives.

Today is clear, the appointment of new leaders, who will make crucial decisions regarding your business, is one of the biggest challenges for each executive. Comprehensive and repeated research proves that organisations that attract, motivate and develop the right people outperform those that do not. Truly successful organisations build the right capabilities and talent at all levels – with people who can take the organisation into the future.

Our Executive Search Consultants solve this challenge for clients every day using a unique method with proven results. With the access to the right candidates and industry leading selection approaches at hand, we are able to support you in your decision-making. We have the organisation, expertise and methods to deliver world-class Executive Search locally and wherever in the world you need us. With over 50 years of experience within Executive Search and top management search, and with our global reach we are able to find and select the right candidates for different positions and different needs – from start-ups to global corporations, in all industry verticals and in the public sector.

At Mercuri Urval, our Talent Acquisition experts take full ownership for delivering the right result as part of a project managed solution. Our recruitment teams build enduring relationships with clients and candidates to deliver fast and flexible solutions – from a single search assignment to hiring an entire organisation, we have track record. And more than this our advisers can ensure you have the best possible selection and development solutions put to work to strengthen your results. Individual executive assessment, coaching and leadership team development that delivers for you and grow your key people.

So, if you have the question: "How can I get peak performance from my executive team?". Our Talent Acquisition and Advisory consultants will ensure your organisation gets a performance edge. From working with one key individual to transforming an entire organisation, we will deliver the solution you need.

Working with Mercuri Urval can take many forms, but the goal remains the same – professional and high-quality services that benefit you and your organisation.

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Mercuri Urval's place in the world has always been close to leaders and decision-makers, helping them solve intricate business challenges that involve the human element. COVID-19 has made it impossible for us to be there in person, but not in a professional capacity.

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50 années de sélection et développement de personnes d'excellence nous rendent fiers de pouvoir partager notre expérience et notre expertise au service de votre organisation.

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