CEO’s Statement

I was very proud to be selected by our Board as CEO, starting in post on the 9th March 2020. In line with our company’s long-term strategy, the leadership team and I are committed to leading Mercuri Urval forward to a very successful future to the benefit of all our clients and colleagues: 

  • Our strategy for developing Mercuri Urval, our Way Ahead Plan’, is orientated around our purpose as a company. To secure that leaders succeed so their teams may flourish and their organisations achieve extraordinary results.  
  • It is our conviction that our clients are better equipped to succeed through the challenges and opportunities that lay ahead, based on our expert’s advice. And that our mission is to improve their results, so they prosper, whatever conditions they face.  
  • Our 'Way Ahead Plan' includes the development of Mercuri Urval’s Business Strategy, Organisation Model and Operational Performance.  

Find out more about the ‘Way Ahead’ for our clients here 

First choice for more effective leadership 

Our Way Ahead is focused on securing leaders that will succeedimprove their performance and advise them in implementing effective changes in their organisationIn Leadership Acquisition we will further strengthen our sector expertise globally through the development of additional global sector practices. At the same time, we will develop our Leadership Advisory capability – strengthening our teams’ resources to solve leaders needs for business advice and solutions so they may grow, transform and improve their leaders performance. Our goal is simple, the most successful and enthusiastic clients:   

  • Updated solutions, industry-leading technology and colleagues who have exceptional expertise
  • Upgrading our client feedback and interview methods, so we know what additional value we can provide and always develop the new innovations our clients will need tomorrow 
  • ISO standard-bearer for Leader selection, assessment and development 

To reflect our positioning in the premium segment, the Mercuri Urval brand will be refreshed in 2020-21. 

Our goal is simple, the most successful and enthusiastic clients."

INTERNATIONAL: Free-flowing Global Reach for every client 

Every client should benefit from Mercuri Urval’s expertise wherever they operate. Our long-standing strength in working globally creates opportunities for every client to have a great team and high-quality partner wherever they need us - virtually and face to face. We have a modern and flexible global reach that makes us the easiest to do business with and the most effective in partnering clients to deliver results. We will continue to expand our global reach and intensify our work in developing front end and account management capabilities.  

  • Capability building in account management and client development 
  • International approach to recruiting new colleagues with strong global experience 
  • Digital reach via state f the art leader acquisition and development technology  

COLLEAGUES: Talent without Limits for all 

Our people are at the heart of our success, their ability to perform individually and work as part of local, sector and global teams defines our success. Over recent years we have made excellent progress in developing the contribution and success of our Consultants and Executive Researchers. Ambitious focus on the premium segment and capability development continues, with colleagues receiving both unrivalled levels of entrepreneurial freedom to develop their client platforms, and high-quality systems and technology to regulate standards. We will continue the transformation of Mercuri Urval - not only the most capable Leadership Acquisition and Advisory firm, but also the most modern. Attracting, engaging and retaining top talent is central to our plans. Find out more about a rewardingdynamic and growth creating career in Mercuri Urval here. 

  • Develop and further enhance our consultant reward and recognition model
  • Transparent and fair career development opportunities for all: New Sector Lead and Engagement Manager roles 
  • Focus our investment on technology and network development that aids free flow of knowledge for the benefit of our clients and enables us to deliver smoothly and without fuss, face to face and online 

ORGANISATION: Stronger and more agile 

As Mercuri Urval develops, we will focus on an agile and modern footprint for our company.  A combination of digital workplaces, flexible office set ups and enhancement to our shared services unit will increase our operational reach and agility – whilst managing our cost base yet more effectively.  On my appointment to CEO I strengthened the management team to lead this change and execute our strategy: 

  • The Leadership Team welcomed five new members. A new CFO, Tomas Hedstrom, an additional Head of Business Area, Mikkel Skole, and an internal successor as Head of Central TalentRobin Karlestedt – as well as two new lead team roles - International Business, Rik Zuidmeer and Marketing and Communications, Sofia Hjort Lönegård 
  • We also invested in developing our analytics team, appointing Amelie Karlsson, and strengthened our strategic projects office, appointing Moa Wennlöf, to support the leadership team in a new CEO office 

The team represents our strategy and priorities in a balanced way and combines extensive experience in Mercuri Urval, knowledge from our broader sector and new fresh ideas from outside. We are all excited to be charged with leading our teams, alongside our exceptional Team Directors, Partners and Client Directors worldwide.  

Organisational chart over Mercuri Urval

Impact Covid-19 

The business has shown its resilience and our people have demonstrated their remarkable commitment and energy in early 2020, tested by the impact of Covid-19 on our clients, candidates and our business. Our response to the disruption was to keep our people safe, secure continuity for clients and protect Mercuri Urval financially:  

  • To protect Mercuri Urval is to focus on the shape of the business in 2021 and 2022, and to accelerate the implementation of our business plans. Accelerating our transition into the premium segment, increasing the agility of our organisation, developing new sector and advisory expertise for the benefit of our clients and the leaders we serve. As we weather the storm and adjust the size of some teams to market demand, we remain focused on business continuity and our values 
  • Whilst we take care of business and our clients online and without interruption, our team started a remarkable contribution to the communities we live and work in. From Shanghai to Milan, from London to Stockholm our colleagues are Reaching Out to build social connections and take a little extra time each day to connect, share and support others. Link to find out about our Reaching Out work here. I am confident our team will take the opportunity presented in times of radical change, to emerge stronger and more client-focused than ever.