Our Inclusion & Diversity Commitment

Mercuri Urval’s highest priority is for Success at Work. Success at Work requires diverse and sustainably effective leaders and teams. Inclusive workplaces, equal opportunity, and diverse teams are to be pursued and all forms of unjust or unlawful discrimination are to be counteracted.

  • Mercuri Urval is founded on research and insight into what makes people successful in the workplace. It is concluded that success at work can be increased through ensuring people decisions are made using a science-based, precisely tailored, quality assured and ethical way of working.
  • The only basis for an employment decision is a factful match between an individual´s competencies – what they bring to work - and the requirements of the role, context and organisation results needed. Mercuri Urval’s advice to clients, candidates and our own employees is therefore based on this founding principle.
  • Mercuri Urval is owned by an independent foundation – Stiftelsen Mercuri Urval. Its statutes form a strong and timeless commitment binding all Mercuri Urval colleagues and partners to pursue inclusive workplaces, equal opportunity and diverse teams and counteract all forms of unjust or unlawful discrimination:
    • Inclusive Workplaces: Mercuri Urval believe in treating all people with respect, dignity, and kindness. To pursue inclusive workplaces, we actively promote effective leadership, positive cooperation, open feedback, curiosity, and fairness.
    • Equal Opportunity: Mercuri Urval is an equal opportunity employer. We commit to inclusion of individuals in recruitment and selection to tasks and positions based on facts relevant to requirements for success at work. We reject the use of stereotypes and work actively to minimise subjectivity in decisions making in people matters. We recognise that unjust or unlawful discrimination of different categories of people is problematic and must be counteracted. We do not unjustly or unlawfully discriminate in any aspect of employment or appointment.
    • Diverse Teams: Mercuri Urval recognises the importance of utilising the power of individual differences. To achieve extraordinary results, colleagues with different background must easily join and work together in effective and well networked teams. We encourage openness and transparency about our way of working and our impact.