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By Richard Moore

Dear All,

As you may well have seen; our website has continually updated information to keep you informed about our teams’ response to the impact of Covid-19 – carrying on serving clients both longstanding and new, in the most testing of times. Find out more about our approach to business continuity and how we are keeping our people, clients and candidates safe by reading here. 

Today, I want to let you know how we’re also focused on supporting the communities where our colleagues live and work. In our own small way. 

As we all watch the news about this unprecedented crisis unfold, it’s clear that there is a need to assist where we are able. To that end, we establish a Reaching Out programme in every MU team in every city we operate, all around the world. 

Compared to most companies of a similar size our network is vast, and our colleagues’ skills in listening and supporting people are very well developed and practised. We could see early that our teams in Shanghai and Milan took on a different role in the way they communicated with the community around them, and this inspired us to expand this to everywhere we operate.  

Every consultant colleague and leader in MU is setting aside some extra time, every day to reach out to people they would not normally connect with, and who would like to discuss the situation they are in. People in our community, who we have no business reason to speak with. We hope that we, with our point of departure, can bring some positive interactions with everyone we reach out to, from the recently unemployed leader to the challenged entrepreneur to the friendly retried citizen on the corner, caught in isolation.

We hope that we can help in our own small way. Thank you for being a member of our community, before this crisis, through it and beyond. And this invitation goes both ways, so please don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you want to talk. #ReachingOut

Stay safe

Richard Moore, CEO MU

  • #ReachingOut