Johannes Pieper

Principal Consultant

Johannes Pieper is an experienced consultant, based in Frankfurt a. M., Germany. His special focus is to advice Executives on leadership challenges that are connected with sustainability. Johannes will build our new Sustainability Practice serving company leaders, boards of directors, investors and owners to identify sustainably minded leaders, help advancing leadership capability models for assessment, development, succession planning, compensation, organizational development and leadership acquisition. He will continue working with clients in the sectors of cleantech, renewables, smart technology, production and packaging equipment and be collaborating with colleagues and clients across sectors globally.

In the last 10 years Johannes had the chance to work within different environments ranging from large corporations to small and medium businesses, in public, private or PE ownerships and has extensively served clients in the sectors of Industrial Technology, Production & Packaging Machinery, Renewable Technologies and Automation Equipment. He brings a strong functional expertise in Manufacturing Operations & Operational Excellence as well as in Procurement & Supply Chain. In addition, he has a track record leading projects in Digitalization and P&L Leadership. Johannes has managed client relationships and projects across EMEA, U.S., China and India.

Johannes studied Philosophy and Theology in Frankfurt, Rome and Jerusalem and in addition is a certified (EBS) systemic coach. He is fluent in German, English, Spanish, French and Italian.