Higher Demands on Leaders: “The Pandemic – a Stress Test for Your Leadership”

  • Interview of Richard Moore by Dagens Industri

By Richard Moore Sofia Hjort Lönegård

In the shadow of the pandemic, many companies have found trading tougher. With reduced margins and rapidly changing conditions it is extra important to have a management that can make and execute the right decisions.

– It is not the strongest who will be winners, but those who are most agile, says Richard Moore, CEO at MU.

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It's harder than ever to be a leader in a senior position. You must make quick decisions in an uncertain world, show commitment and empathy, lead employees at a distance and at the same time create calm and secure financial trust at all levels – even though the market may be swaying.

With these new and heightened demands, it is more important than ever to review your leadership

– says Richard Moore, CEO of MU, which was founded in Sweden in 1967

Managing Uncertainty – an Important Characteristic

For over 50 years, MU has worked with Executive Search and Leadership Advisory. The firm’s mission is to help organisations attract the right leaders who deliver the best possible results. Today, the company works globally with expert teams operating in more than 60 countries around the world. Richard Moore clearly notices an increased need for leadership advice from the firm’s clients –

In a crisis, like a pandemic, the most important thing is to ensure the most effective leaders are in place and performing well. And as a leader, it is to know yourself. To be at ease in handling uncertainty and have a deep understanding of the situation your people, customers and organisation faces right now.

A Common Mistake for Leaders Is Acting Too Slow and Becoming Defensive

The pandemic will be a kind of stress test for you as a leader, says Richard Moore –

Being agile and daring to act quickly is a crucial quality. Many companies have failed in the wake of previous volatility because they have acted too slowly in change, but rarely the other way around. It is also important to understand the great influence you have as a leader right now – your behaviour is crucial to look after your team well and to helping them to the results they will deliver.

It has been shown that the most successful leaders are those who can quickly adapt to change and create a flexible organisation, according to Richard Moore – 

They dare to think freely and big. In a crisis, it is otherwise easy to become too defensive and focus on details and control.

New Leadership for Increased Growth

Does your company need advice, help with analysis or strategy regarding leadership? MU analyses which leadership profile can make the company grow or turn it around. Is it a new CEO, or maybe even a new Board Director – and how must they impact results short and longer term? Their team will then work with you to acquire the leader who will deliver.

MU also works with leadership consulting where their consultants go in and coach entire teams to create the change that is needed.

It is a troubled time right now for many, but it is also full of opportunities if you handle the challenges correctly

– Richard Moore concludes. 

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3 Questions You as a Leader Should Ask Yourself Right Now, According to Richard Moore, CEO of MU

  • What challenges do you face and what opportunities can you take advantage of?
  • How can your company organise to be as successfully as possible? What changes do you need to make?
  • How can you strengthen and improve your own leadership?


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  • MU was founded in Sweden in 1967 and has grown into a worldwide company operating in over 60 countries
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