Financial Services

Invest in leveraging your human capital

Due to digitalisation, regulatory requirements, smart data applications and uncertain economic and geopolitical conditions, the financial services industry has long been confronted with dramatic changes. New technologies and efficient processes have long since become a prerequisite. Human capital is a key success factor here, as the competitiveness, innovative strength and change potential of the company depend to a large extent on it. The identification, assessment, development, and retention of talent are therefore critical.

How we help clients in Financial Services

At Mercuri Urval, we have a deep insight into the changing demands on leaders in Financial Services. We have a highly focused team of financial sector experts that are able to leverage the research, assessment and leadership development capabilities of the wider global Mercuri Urval in helping our clients attract, select and develop their leaders of the future.   

Our Financial Executive Search works with some of the leading institutional investors, wealth managers, insurance and reinsurance firms in the world along with some of the most influential and high-profile regulators.We provide comprehensive executive search, leadership acquisition and leadership advisory services to a range of global and local firms and we have a deep insight into how the leadership capabilities of Financial Services benchmark against other sectors in the world.

Our core practice specialities cover wealth management, private equity, insurance, asset management, real estate, corporate banking, private banking, and retail banking along with an increasing amount of expertise supporting FinTech’s and specialist or challenger banks.