Professional Recruitment with Mercuri Urval

What makes our approach to recruitment unique?

Recruitment based on science

Employment decisions are difficult to get right. The costs associated with getting key hiring decisions wrong are well documented, yet the failure rate remains alarmingly high. So how can you make sure you employ the right people?

MU Professional Recruitment services were born out of the need for more successful outcomes in management and leadership recruitment.

With recruitment outcomes so important, and normally so uncertain, a science-driven approach to finding and selecting key people reassuring success has been developed by Mercuri Urval.

Rather than start with candidates we know or with general advertising, we believe successful selection must have a precise result need as the point of departure. Our recruitment consultants analyse your required results and the organisational context in which the employee must succeed. From this clear advice on the requirements of the role and a tailored and targeted digital media sourcing strategy are provided. This requires a very close partnership with our client and analysing precisely what is required for success in a specific role. The tailored criteria that inform the digital campaign are the applied to ensure a methodical qualification and selection of candidates. This enables our experts to recruit more reliably for our clients.

When candidates should be engaged through targeted direct search, MU Executive Search utilise the same principle of tailored and fact-based inclusion for this work.

MU Professional Recruitment is the reliable alternative to traditional recruitment

From single assignments to hiring entire organisations, we have been enabling our clients to recruit the right people for more than 50 years. Our recruitment experts take full ownership for delivering the right result. Our teams build enduring relationships with clients and candidates to deliver fast and flexible solutions. We promise: 

  • Efficient and professionally project managed processes.
  • Outstanding candidate market, sourcing and sector expertise
  • Integrated tailored ISO 10667-2 Standard Assessment.
  • Robust, evidence-based and unequivocal employment recommendations
  • Insight supporting the successful on-boarding of new hires and accelerating their performance
  • Local and international knowledge and expertise
  • Mercuri Urval's Professional Recruitment services are based on more than 50 years of success

International Recruitment

How can you uncap the enormous potential of the new global inter-connected workforce? How do you ensure consistency, quality and control when recruiting across borders simultaneously?

MU’s global reach is built on decades of experience, and is enabled by an organisation designed for, and colleagues committed to international collaboration, harmonised processes, and the highest quality standards of all. The MU International Business Office ensures a smooth collaboration across borders wherever you need us in the world.

Why choose MU for your next recruitment?

Trusted Experts

  • Our recruitment experts have extensive experience in finding and selecting successful new leaders. Every year we boost our clients' performance by recruiting more than 2500 leaders and managers – in all functions, all around the world.

Extensive track-record

  • With over 50 years’ experience in recruitment, we have learned how to ensure the right employment result.
  • By applying our knowledge and experience to our clients’ needs, we observe that more than 90% of recruitments we do for our clients become a success*. This is well above industry norms

Unrivalled methods

  • Our methodology is Quality Assured, including to ISO 10667-2 standards

*Reoccurring validation studies, annually audited by DNV

Responsible consultants:

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Partner & Director (Team Leader)

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