Mercuri Urval in the Public Sector

Today's talent for a stronger tomorrow

Public organisations, departments, institutions and other types of politically led organisations operate within a complex system, especially in recent years. Greater demands are constantly required regarding new, more and better services delivered cheaper and smarter. Furthermore it has become more difficult to engage and retain the best leaders and employees.

At Mercuri Urval, we are certain that the possibility of succeeding and creating results in an ever changing public sector is heavily linked to good leadership. The need for skilled and engaging leaders is therefore greater than ever. The leaders are required to – in cooperation with competent specialists and employees – solve the diversity of tasks present, and at the same time solve them better and even more effectively.

Skilled leaders do not emerge by themselves

Mercuri Urval contributes to the development of an even better and more effective public sector and where leaders can lead with greater impact. Good and dynamic leadership in many different types of organisations and corporations is necessary to meet the increased demands in creating value and quality for the society, the citizens and the business, while at the same time securing that the employees experience higher job-satisfaction and well-being.

For over 50 years we have provided the public sector and other politically led organisations with professional management consulting in a number of areas:

We know the public sector 

Our consultants in the team are specialised in the terms and conditions of the public sector. All of them have been employed in politically led organisations and corporations, which gives us a thorough knowledge on what it takes to succeed as a leader in the sector.

We handle complex tasks for both governmental, municipal and regional organisations on a daily basis. We solve problems for departments, administrations and hospitals as well as educational institutions and utilities all over the world, geographically represented with 50+ offices in a variety of countries. Our team also carries out various projects for national as well as international organisations such as EU and UN. We have a wide network and are in close cooperation with people from the top management levels in all of the sectors and are geographically represented all over the world.

We are compliant with the rules regarding openness and good administrative practice, and we know the professional terms, rules and cultures, which characterises politically led organisations. We offer versatile experiences as well as unique skills and tools in our management consultancy.

Our ambition is to contribute positively to the development of the public sector. That is why we strive to be the preferred partner whenever the public sector is recruiting and developing the best leaders.