Sebastian Volkers

Director (Team Leader)

Sebastian Volkers, based in Brussels, is the lead on Mercuri Urval's mission to grow business with international organisations worldwide. He is fully committed to the development of an even better and more efficient International Public Sector, which brings enhanced value and quality for citizens and businesses as well as providing an improved working life for staff members.

Sebastian is advising leading international and national organisations combining a deep understanding of the dynamics of the International Public Sector with cutting edge HR tools on Management Recruitment, Talent Services and Executive Search processes at international and national level.

Sebastian has previously served as a Chief Operating Officer in Fipra International, a leading public affairs company operating in more than 50 countries worldwide. He has also served as attaché́ at the permanent Danish EU-representation in Brussels and as detached national expert in the European Commission before focusing his professional career on consulting.

Sebastian is driven by advising clients to strengthen organisational results through smart strategic and operational decisions and optimal use of resources. He motivates individuals and organisations to develop capabilities beyond expectations raising the bar for innovation and efficiency.

He holds a Master in Political Science from the University of Copenhagen. He is a CTI certified coach.

Languages: English, French, Scandinavian (mother tongue Danish), German