What is our company like?

We offer the opportunity to become a partner

Our Organisation

Mercuri Urval is a business oriented company that believes in individual accountability. We have a flat team based structure, built around our consultants and their clients in each city. Each team reports to our global head office in Stockholm, Sweden. We work as one international company, which enables us to operate in a lean and agile way. Our Central Management guide our Team Leaders, who in turn manage the company. Due to our structure, processes and our International Business Office, we are able to seamlessly combine global reach with local expertise. Wherever our clients need us, we are there.

The Mercuri Urval Foundation

We are owned by a strong and independent foundation. The name of the foundation is "Stiftelsen Mercuri Urval". We will always be an independent company owned by an independent foundation. The foundation ensures Mercuri Urval remains a long-standing strong, independent and successful company. The foundation will always hold the majority shares in Mercuri Urval and cannot be sold to anybody else.

We offer the opportunity to become a partner

As a foundation owned company we are able to offer employee partnership. This is a realistic option for all employees who join us. Decisions to invite employees to be partners will be made by the foundation board.

The possibility to be a partner will depend on long term contribution and demonstrated commitment to our company and its values. Those who contribute the most and would like to commit long term to our company will be able to make a partnership agreement with the company. Doing so will ensure they are major beneficiaries from Mercuri Urval's profitability.