MU appoints 9 new Partners

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By Sofia Hjort Lönegård

On September 15th, 9 new equity Partners were announced by the company. The newly appointed Partners represent 7 nationalities from MUs global organisation. The company now has 56 Partners working in all main global markets.

MU is a Global Executive Search and Leadership Advisory firm, headquartered in Stockholm since 1967. In June 2016 our owner and founder donated the company to the foundation “Stiftelsen MU” with the mission to safeguard MU’s strength and sustainability to secure our continued ability and perseverance in serving our clients. The foundation ensures MU remains a long-standing strong, independent and successful company.

As a foundation-owned company, we are able to offer employees partnership. Since 2018 we have continuously appointed Partnership, and currently we have almost 60 employees from 14 countries that are equity partners and shareholders in the company.

Becoming an equity Partner in MU means both to become an active part in developing this fantastic company´s future and to take part of the financial value created by the company. It is an important responsibility and a privilege”, says Roger Hagafors, Chairman of the Group Board

Our New Partners are:

The qualification process is transparent, and the requirements are communicated openly within the organisation. A significant and sustained individual contribution, as well as a long-term commitment to the organisation, are necessary requirements. Other criteria include consistently enacting MU's values and a continuous contribution to the organisation's development and capital structure, beyond personal performance. The Nomination process is driven by Partners acting on behalf of the Board of the main owner, Stiftelsen MU (the MU Foundation) and is independent of company leadership.

The purpose of our global Partnership Programme is to offer a long-term mutually prosperous relationship for our successful colleagues. We are also convinced that it is an appealing opportunity for the successful consultants and employees we want to attract”, adds Roger Hagafors.

For more information, please contact:

Sofia Hjort Lönegård
Public Relations, and Head of Marketing & Communications

About MU

The only global Executive Search and Leadership Advisory firm based in the Nordics:

  • Founded 1967, Stockholm, Sweden
  • 3000 clients served each year; leading global corporation and public sector institutions to SMEs, digital start-ups and local government
  • Expert teams worldwide, performing assignments for clients in more than 60 countries each year
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Foundation owned Partnership "Stiftelsen MU"

  • Mandate to ensure the company remains independent and strong
  • Appoints Partners
  • Chaired by a board of well-known and respected leaders