Marc V. Sterel

Group Director

Marc V. Sterel (based in the Amsterdam Metropole Region) has a wide international experience in searching, recruiting and selecting of executives, managers and specialists. He has delivered assignments in both Europe and Latin America with a strong focus on the water, energy, oil & gasindustry and it's suppliers. Other focus industries are the creative, leasure and hospitality industry. In addition Marc is assessor of executives within several European governmental, research, scientific organisations and ngo's. Another focus area of Marc is Greenfield recruitment and / or project recruitment.

Prior to joining Mercuri Urval, Marc used to work for international scientific and industry publishers as conference developer with a focus on global (sustainable) energy, water & envrionmental topics. He used to work in Central & Eastern Europe,Marc Sterel studied Economics and Management at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences

Marc particitpated in several conference and industry commitees related to the water, energy, oil & gas industry.

Dutch, English, German, French