Nicolas Takes Action and Creates  Sustainable Business Results

Solving a challenging business problem for clients is what we do daily as consultants. Nicolas likes to expand on conventional thinking and discovers innovative methods for improvements both for clients but also internally in Mercuri Urval. When Nicolas joined in 2013, he was at the beginning of his career, but he had lots of ideas and courage to take action. While he started as an Executive Search consultant, he quickly took on a leadership role for the Belgian Researchers and inspired the team to position themselves as true executive market researchers. Since 2017, he has served as a Director leading an internal team of Consultants, Delivery Leads and Researchers.

In your journey at Mercuri Urval, you have had multiple roles – can you tell us more about that?

When I started at Mercuri Urval, I immediately felt a sense of belonging and today, years later, I'm still convinced of being in the right place. I was, and more than ever still am, impressed by the international vibe and strong network, the level of professionalism, the highly skilled colleagues and the premium service offering. However, I also discovered areas that could be improved, so I took action when I got the opportunity to further build a team of Researchers and establish a clear value proposition for them in Belgium. With this role, I could see that my colleagues in the team developed new skills and it was simply an incredible feeling.

Later, I stepped into the role as a Director leading a team of various colleagues. It enabled me to be part of the long-term development of our company. I am not only working on my own client projects but also on the internal development of Mercuri Urval. I am seeing, experiencing and adding to the company we want to be. Both as a Team Leader for Researchers and now as a Director, I have always been a Consultant and therefore I daily get to advise clients and candidates - which makes each day interesting and challenging.

What experiences at Mercuri Urval have had the biggest impact on your development?

Short answer would be my colleagues. I have had the privilege of having some brilliant mentors throughout my career at Mercuri Urval. They might not have realised it at the time, but they had a huge impact on my development in the company.

Only one year after joining the company, when I was 27 years old, I enjoyed two days in Stockholm in our headquarters where one of the senior executives of the company took the time to really sit down with me, discuss the Mercuri Urval strategy and also talk about my personal and professional growth. I think that is quite extraordinary to have this direct contact with people driving the company at a junior stage in the company. At the same time, I built a really good connection with a more experienced colleague in the Belgian team. We had joint client meetings, worked together on demanding projects, exchanged insights and in general challenged each other to become better consultants.

Those two helped me see my future at Mercuri Urval and get to the point where I am today. If they read this: keep on having the same impact on new colleagues! Also today I can turn to them and many others to get advice, to be challenged, to feel supported and to grow each day.

As a Director, what do you think is special about your team?

I have the pleasure to work with an extraordinary team of highly enthusiastic and engaged people who are eager to have a positive impact on clients. They bring me plenty of initiatives to improve the ways we work internally, find new clients to help, tackle business problems are simply trying to get the best out of their time with us and leave their mark. They give me (and each other) energy, challenge me, help me, educate me in their fields of expertise and are there for each other when needed. Our team is a great combination of experiences, ages, backgrounds and personalities.

You have had a steep career development – what is on the horizon now?

I can only hope to continue my journey at Mercuri Urval and become Partner one day. It will give me the opportunity to have an even bigger impact on the long-term development of our company and with all these amazing Partners, Directors, Consultants, Delivery Leads, Researchers, Team Operations Coordinators on board I am confident it will continue being a successful journey. I am also intrigued to lead global projects and follow my clients around the world. In fact, I thrive on intellectual curiosity; I like to learn and love to keep learning. I want to discover new things, find new ways to build successful clients and companies and work on projects I have never done before.


Nicolas has a Masters' degree in Educational Psychology from the University of Leuven. Furthermore, he has completed executive programs in Business Economics at Solvay Business School, Corporate Governance at Guberna (Vlerick Business School) and Human Resource Management at the Ehsal Management School.

He joined Mercuri Urval in 2013 as a consultant after an interesting and challenging first experience with Executive Search in another company. Prior to joining us, he spent the first three years of his career helping large construction companies get the right talent on board. Nicolas says, "It was good fun, but something was missing, and the company could not provide me with what I was looking for. Mercuri Urval on the other hand could".
Now he is an Executive Search consultant leading this own internal team in Belgium. He advises clients from multiple sectors with a focus on Manufacturing and Industrial companies and Professional Services firms. He leads the Belgian automotive practice.

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