Why It’s Healthy for Companies to Change Leaders

  • Interview of Richard Moore by Dagens Industri

By Richard Moore Sofia Hjort Lönegård

Does your business need a fast turnaround? A new leader gives the largest and most immediate effect on the result, says Richard Moore, CEO of the global Executive Search and Leadership Advisory company MU.

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It is not just the pandemic that is creating a new reality. Being a sustainable company with commitment to the outside world is becoming increasingly important – at the same time as the requirements for being fast-footed and adaptable are increasing. A leader who is not agile does not last long, according to Richard Moore, CEO of MU –

Every board and CEO should ask themselves: Is our strategy and our leadership adapted to the new context? If you have had a routine to update and renew the organisation every three or four years, it should be done every six, or at most twelve, months today.

More Are Fighting Over Fewer Top Candidates

Richard Moore is convinced that the increased and more complex demands placed on leaders today will make the selection of available top candidates smaller –

At the same time as more organisations need to adapt faster, demands on leaders increase. It is enough to make a simple analysis. If leadership was not optimal under your old reality – how will it cope with this new, more changeable one?

Small Efforts Can Have a Big Effect

You do not always have to make a dramatic change. With the right leadership development in place, you may have senior talents in your organisation that are ready to step up – or be able to develop the current leaders to perform more effectively. But ironically, it is precisely this type of leader development that some temporarily fail to prioritise right now, when it matters most.

– says Richard Moore. 

Richard Moore points out that Albert Einstein explained madness as “doing the same thing over and over again while expecting different results” –

A crisis is a golden opportunity to challenge old truths and think new from the inside out. But the time margin for change is short, so it is important to act quickly.

Find Leaders Who Increase the Profitability

The goal for MU is to help organisations attract leaders who deliver the best possible results. Their credo is that successful companies are built on the right skills and talents at all levels.

Throughout the year, MU has experienced an increased demand for advice on senior leadership positions from worldwide markets. Richard Moore has a good idea why –

We are known for making an objective analysis of what type of leader a company needs to achieve results. Then using our proprietary methods our experts analyse the candidate market and select the leader who will take care of your people and deliver. Leaders who motivate and develop people always surpass those who do not. Yet the essential key to outperformance is to ensure the leaders you have are carefully, precisely, matched to the demands of your specific context.

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3 Questions You as a Leader Should Ask Yourself Right Now, According to Richard Moore, CEO of MU

  • What challenges do you face and what opportunities can you take advantage of?
  • How can your business be organised as successful as possible? What changes do you need to make?
  • How can you strengthen and improve your own leadership?

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