Our Ethics

Why our business practices inspire trust

Mercuri Urval's success relies on gaining and maintaining our clients' trust. We understand how important employment and restructuring decisions are for all parties. That's why the highest standards of ethics and confidentiality are so important to our philosophy.

Professionally managed recruitment and change processes secure continued performance and avoids internal disruption for our clients. And for candidates, it is important that the position's responsibilities, demands and personal development opportunities match their skills and expectations. Mercuri Urval does its utmost to ensure that the employment process satisfies both parties.

Our business ethics

  • Mercuri Urval treats all individuals involved in assignments with respect for their professional and personal needs
  • We treat all information about client companies, as well as their existing staff and potential recruits, confidentially
  • Mercuri Urval does not release information about client companies or individuals to third parties, unless previously agreed
  • Mercuri Urval consultants will disclose any financial or personal interests, which could influence their advice. This, combined with strict internal procedures, avoids any conflicts of interest
  • As a leader in diversity Mercuri Urval does not practice discrimination
  • We always provide feedback to participants undergoing assessment
  • In recruitment, references are only sought with prior agreement and without revealing the position for which an individual has applied
  • Mercuri Urval evaluates each candidate's capabilities in relation to the specific job or role. Mercuri Urval follows up each appointment in order to ensure that the employment decision is successful
  • As a candidate, you can be sure that all personal data is handled with the greatest care and according to the data protection legislation in force. Mercuri Urval will only store personal data for as long as it is necessary having regard to the purposes of the processing