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Mercuri Urval's office in Zürich opened in 1984 as the first office in Switzerland. Over the decades, it has become home to many curious individuals who help their clients to create results through people and bring forth the right competencies in people. Our Zürich office engages in long-lasting partnerships with national and international firms within a vibrant range of industries. You are welcome to explore your opportunities in Zürich! We are looking to expand our team with extraordinary colleagues within Executive Search and premium Talent Advisory.

Mercuri Urval offers me a place to work and act very independently. I can choose the industries and companies I want to work with and develop my own ecosystem of clients" - Daniel Müller (Partner)

Growing business with people

Being available to people is key for our location in Zürich. Our work from Zürich expands from the Swiss business community to several European markets. As several big corporations have their headquarters in Zürich, we collaborate with multiple sectors and worldwide business units. Due to the broad spectrum of interest and expertise in our office, we work with a diverse client portfolio including clients from industrial manufacturing, aviation, construction, real estate, retail, automotive, logistics, life science, as well as financial and professional services. Our partnerships with global performers and national hidden champions make the daily work exciting and outstanding.

The entrepreneurial spirit in our work is empowering and creates an environment that gives you the freedom to work across sectors, offices and countries. Global reach is a big part of working at Mercuri Urval as you always have the possibility of working in areas that interest you and in the places you want. In 2017 the Zürich team moved to a new modern office space close to the airport. Our location is central to our partnerships with clients and for our networking events with interesting organisations and the business community.

Who we are

Our office in Zürich has a mixture of people with an entrepreneurial mind-set, self-motivating attitude and senior level of experience within Executive Search. There is a freedom in our work that allows us to work with exactly what interests us. Therefore, you will find colleagues who have a structured approach to working smoothly with flexible work hours and distinct sector focus says Christian Schaffenberger, Team Leader & Partner. The office represents different nationalities, diverse academic backgrounds and a great variation in previous corporate positions. This becomes fascinating when collaborations take place, especially when colleagues with more than 20 years in the company work with recently joined colleagues.

There are three teams based in Zürich. Everyone is very welcoming and gladly come together for French apéro or a glass of champagne to celebrate new-coming colleagues. From day one, everyone is considered a big asset to the team and is invited to share their ideas and experience. says Daniel Müller, Team Leader & Partner.

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Office atmosphere

With little distance to a vibrant city, Lake Zürich and the Alps on your horizon, the quality of living and working in Zürich is extremely high. This is also apparent in the office atmosphere, as colleagues are energetic and excellent at encouraging and challenging each other. We do not miss opportunities to come together; therefore lunches are eaten together, quick catch-ups take place by the coffee machine, and experiences are shared when a colleague needs it.

Our annual kick-off events are excellent team building activities where our teams truly bond. Besides the fun activities, these events invite everyone to contribute to strategy planning – so everyone feels part of the team. Our annual Christmas dinner at the end of the year is a party like nothing else; hence it cannot be described but needs to be experienced! says Christian Schaffenberger. Along with these annual team activities, spontaneous after works are arranged and our sports-interested colleagues come together for sailing or skiing trips and are always up for new experiences.