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Wire & Cable

Wire & Cable

Define, plan, organize, execute and supervise for the strategy of all aspects related to the implementation of a new business unit of cable rubber compounds

He will be responsible for coordinating all the teams involved in the Cable from its conceptualization until its launch. In addition to tracking sales, incident management, claims or improvements to be made.

Its main functions are:

  • Coordinate the feasibility analysis of Client requirements and the proposal of alternatives when applicable.

  • Manage the development and loading of new recipes for quotations and tests.

  • Manage changes of materials / process to existing recipes for optimization.

  • Be the technical liaison with Customer and Supplier Technical areas.

  • Participate in selection and evaluation of suppliers and raw materials.

  • Coordinate transfer of recipes / information with other plants.

  • Participate in analysis and problem solving.

  • Development of rubber formulations from the laboratory to production.

  • Management of interdisciplinary development projects.

  • Sales department support for specific customer needs and technical customer support.

  • Cooperation to resolve issues related to quality.

  • Technical contacts with suppliers and research institutions.

  • Representation of the company in conferences and fairs.

  • Provide reports that require senior management in a timely and comprehensive manner.

  • Carry out other tasks that are required by the Company.


Formal requirements:

  • Degree in Chemical or similar skills according to work experience.

  • Multidisciplinary profile as it has to be understood with many departments of the company: management, sales force, development or design.

  • Profile closely linked to the type of product (Cable Sector).

  • Cable sector knowledge. Relational skills with clients and communication with the rest of the Company's Areas.

  • Minimum 5 years experience in R & D department and in the cable sector.

  • Spanish and English, valuable French and Catalan.

  • Profound expertise in formulation development of rubber, preferably of EPDM and SBR blends.

  • Flowing Spanish/Catalan and good English language skills.

  • Familiar with the usual software tools.


Other competences/skills:    

  • Advertising of new products.

  • Design of marketing campaigns.

  • Product Marketing.

  • Market research.

  • Price strategy.

  • Technical knowledge.

  • Business vision.

  • Negotiation skills.

  • Organized and communicative.

  • Correct judgment of people and situations.

  • Practical thinking.

  • Good IT skills (MS Office, ERP systems).

  • Commitment to the job, motivated, stress resistant.

  • Reliable, flexible and accurate work behaviour.


We look forward to hearing from you

This is an exceptional opportunity for a senior executive interested to join a highly respected, international organization.

If you are the professional described, please send me a mail with your resume and we will discuss details.

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About the company

Our customeris a important European multinational company with more than 50 manufacturing sites worldwide and organized in different business units that operate in separate market segments. It  works within the field f rubber, EPDM, special polymers, ...

Due to the strong growth process worldwide and especially in Europe, they are loooking for based in Southern Europe this position.