Preparing for an unpredictable future

  • Insight Article

By Wilma Buis

In this MU article we provide insights into why strategic selection is crucial to success.

Uncertainty and change are the only predictable factors for businesses in a world where once-stable regimes fall within weeks, and supposedly strong organisations and economies collapse unexpectedly.

You cannot predict the future but you can prepare for it.


  • Selecting strategically means selecting for agility
  • Future behaviour is the decisive selection criterion
  • Use strategic selection as a key tool for creating change
  • Focus on executives, but also hire the right followers and leaders at all levels
  • Hire people who believe what you believe

"Focusing on recruiting people with compatible values and personalities, while developing an ethical, significant and inspiring culture, provides a future-proof competitive advantage. Such an approach encourages innovation and adaption and will contribute to a sustainable, future-proof organisation"


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