Sofie Møller Bjerrisgaard

Partner & Director

Sofie Bjerrisgaard is a leader of a team of consultants in Kolding. She works with small and midsize companies, mainly industrial manufacturing companies and companies within the utilities sector. Sofie focuses on talent and development services such as executive coaching and management and organisational development. Also, she assists clients in the process of defining and searching for the capabilities needed to ensure strategy execution in client companies.

Before joining Mercuri Urval, Sofie served as Head of Partner Relations at a public/private partnership aiming to develop the local business community. From 2005 to 2012 Sofie worked at the University of Southern Denmark where she first did her Ph.D. and then joined the research community as an assistant professor. Her research and teaching focused on global consumer culture and organisations' ability to navigate in global markets

Sofie has an MA in Business , Language and Culture and a Ph.D. in Business Studies from the University of Southern Denmark. Sofie masters English and German.