New Study Re-Confirms Mercuri Urval’s High Success Rate in Leader Selection

By Sofia Hjort Lönegård

The success rate of employments and appointments made in Mercuri Urval assignments is continuously evaluated by the MU Research Institute. The latest report regarding appointments to leader positions (Executives and Managers) in 16 countries during 2021 following assessments by Mercuri Urval Experts.

More than 90% of leaders we recommend meet or exceed expectations. Read the latest validation report here.

Highlights from the latest report

  • The results of the follow-up showed that more than 90% of the employed candidates fulfil or exceeds the expected performance level.
  • Considering that research on conventional leader selection report a success-rate of 50-60% the results achieved in appointments supported by MU Experts using the Mercuri Urval Assessment Methodology brings significant value for companies and organisations.

How is the evaluation performed?

The evaluation is completed through a questionnaire sent from Mercuri Urval to the hiring manager for each employed individual after their start and onboard period. Overall success is reported by the hiring manager as a rating on a three-step scale:

  1. The individual does not fulfil the demanded performance level
  2. The individual fulfils the demanded performance level
  3. The individual exceeds the demanded performance level

About Mercuri Urval Research Institute

The MU Research Institute (MURI) is founded by the MU Group Board to maintain and further develop the MU services, methods, and tools as well as the effectiveness of MU’s way of working as a science-based Executive Search and Leadership Advisory Firm.  The institute operates as a separate body and will further amplify the research and development efforts that MU has made for many decades.

The MU Research Institute will focus on developing and validating services, methods and tools aligning to MU Leader Selection Science® to ensure that MU services always will be effective for clients and meet the highest ethical and quality assured standards. Read more about the MU Research Institute.


For more information, please contact: 

Roger Hagafors
Associate Professor & Head of MURI




Emma Jonsson
MSSc Behavioural Sciences & Head of Applied Research