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Mercuri Urval is one of the world's largest and most established Executive Search companies with a proven expertise in Professional Recruitment and Talent & Leadership Advisory services.

We offer;

  • Excellent service portfolio.
    A cutting edge Executive Search offering with a proven and credible range of world class Talent & Leadership Advisory services.
  • International assignments.
    As one global company with more than 70 teams working world wide, we offer the chance to build an international consulting career.
  • Career potential.
    A unique entreprenurial role with unlimited earning opportunities.
    Partnership, Client Director and Team Leader opportunities in a strong and growing global company.
  • Freedom.
    We have strong values and clear result expectations. Within this frame you drive your own business plan and can focus wherever your talent will take you.

For the right person we offer the opportunity to build and lead a successful Executive Search team.

Do you want to know why so many Executive Search consultants left their companies and joined Mercuri Urval?

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Why do our people love Mercuri Urval?

  •  Wilma Buis, Director in the Netherlands. With Mercuri Urval since 1988.
    "This is the place to be for curious people. You find yourself in the middle of many developments in both business and society, nationally as well as internationally"
  • Agnes Mink, Consultant in Austria. With Mercuri Urval since 2007.
    "Diversity, freedom, challenge and continuous improvement - after almost 10 years with the company I can say that with Mercuri Urval this is possible. You never have two days that look the same and you work in a continuously inspiring and professional environment - with both your colleagues and our clients."
  • King Shen, Team Leader in China. With Mercuri Urval since 2012.
    "At Mercuri Urval, I am working in an international business environment and helping modern organisations win by impacting my clients' most important decisions through - "People" - the core of today's business world. For me, working to reach their goals via people solutions is always challenging and fun."