Executive Search and Professional Recruitment in the Public Sector

Our society is in constant development; ever-changing and within many different areas: the technological and digital development, changed demographic structures, society reforms, urbanisation and increased expectations among users and citizens. Like the rest of the society, the public sector is affected by a comprehensive change and development agenda.

Employees with the right capabilities are required to solve such challenging societal tasks. It is increasingly challenging to recruit the best public leaders and employees who both can and want to make a difference.

Our dedicated team has decades of experience solving problems, within both the public sector and politically led organisations, working hand-in-hand with our clients on effective and transparent recruitment processes. We have extensive experience with and knowledge regarding special management terms, conditions and cultures characteristic of both public and other types of politically led organisations.

Transparent processes

Our consultants have a unique view on the developments and changes in the candidate pool, with expertise and knowledge where and how to find and attract the best and most suitable candidates.

We facilitate job interviews between candidates and your organisation, which is often represented by big and widely composed selection committees. We contribute to the selection process by conducting tests, holding in-depth interviews and speaking to the candidates' references.

Suitable candidates are selected based on a qualified and documented decision-making process, to which we present and go over with the selection committee. In reporting, we use the candidate evaluation which clearly illustrates strengths and development potentials of each candidate against the management level given the specific position, in addition to portray an overall picture of the candidate. It enables both the individual candidate and the selection committee to make the right decision.

Why choose Mercuri Urval?

  • Trusted Experts: Our consultants have great experience in finding and choosing successful leaders, specialists and employees to the public sector. We participate in approximately 300 recruitments and selection tasks in the public sector each year.
  • Extensive track-record: The majority of our consultants have leadership experience from politically led organisations. With more than 50 years experience with Executive Search and recruitment tasks we have an in-depth knowledge on what needs to be done to succeed as a leader and as an employee in the public sector and other types of politically led organisations.
  • Unrivalled methods: Our methodology is Quality Assured, including to ISO 10667-2 standards.