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Talent & Leadership Advisory

Performance at all depths of your organisation

Comprehensive and repeated research proves that organisations that attract, motivate and develop the right people outperform those that do not. Truly successful organisations build the right capabilities and talent at all levels – with people who can take the organisation into the future. This leaves you with the question: "How can I ensure my people perform at their best?"

How can I ensure my people perform at their best?”

Talent & Leadership Advisory with Mercuri Urval

Our Talent Advisory consultants will ensure your organisation gets a performance edge. From working with one key individual to transforming an entire organisation, we will deliver the solution you need.

International Talent & Leadership Advisory

Each year we deliver thousands of Talent Advisory and Leadership Development assignments for clients worldwide. We are organised as one global firm with talent and leadership experts working in all major markets worldwide. Whether you need a global talent management solution, or to drive change across borders, we are ready.

Why choose Mercuri Urval for Talent & Leadership Advisory?

Trusted Experts

  • Our Talent Management experts can ensure your organisation gets a performance edge. We provide 1000s of industry-leading solutions for clients each year – worldwide.

Extensive track-record

  • Approximately 25.000 times a year a Mercuri Urval consultant assesses a candidate employee for selection or development. With a success rate of 94%*, placing us in the absolute top in the industry.

Unrivalled methods

  • Our methodology is Quality Assured, including to ISO 10667-2 standards.

    *Reoccurring validation studies, anually audited by DNV-GL