Our Services

Executive Search and Leadership Advisory services, guided by science

MU Executive Search

MU Executive Search is a more modern way of recruiting leaders that dramatically reduces the impact of the ‘performance’ and ‘diversity’ problems associated with mainstream Executive Search.

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MU Leadership Assessment

The MU Leadership Assessment service predicts the immediate and sustainable success of leaders in your organisation. The science-based methodology used provides accurate fact-based predictions anchored in an organisation´s unique situation and plans.

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MU Professional Recruitment

MU Professional Recruitment services were born out of the need for more successful outcomes in management and leadership recruitment.

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MU Leadership Advisory

MU Leadership Advisory experts ensure your organisation secure a performance edge. From working with individual leaders, to transforming an entire organisation, we deliver the solutions you need.

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MU Leadership Coaching

MU Leadership Coaching accelerates the development of business leaders to the next level of performance in the precise context in which they must succeed.

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MU Industry Practices

During more than 50 years in the business we have gained experience of working with all major business sectors, all around the world.

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