Anne's journey is full off self-designed challenges and new resposibilities

Anne asked herself: "am I just going to stay in my comfort zone as a consultant and proud expert in assessment? Why don't I step out and try more?" She took the initiative and became a trusted advisor within Executive Search. In addition, Anne started as a Director, leading her own internal team and in 2018 Anne was one of Mercuri Urval's first Partners.

Can you describe your work with 3 words – why these words?

  • People: "it's all about people", our clients, potential buyers, team members, colleagues and potential future colleagues for Mercuri Urval, etc.
  • Influence: make things happen, be accountable and be trustworthy as an influencer
  • "Dragon Spirit": From the twelve Chinese zodiac signs, my sign is Dragon. Dragon spirit means takes ownership, passionate about working with challenges and always dares to seek out new challenges.

How did you end up at Mercuri Urval?

I began my career with in-house HR, and then after five years, I started to study psychology. Psychology was a better fit for me. I felt a greater interest in people, instead of sitting in an office and looking at compensation and benefits daily. Working with people was just more fun for me and still is. So I started to work for a Swiss consultancy firm where I learned about assessment and talent development. By the end of 2009, I met Mercuri Urval. Back then I had two job offers, but I wanted to give being a consultant another try. I wasn't ready to get back to in-house HR. So I chose Mercuri Urval and it has been truly exciting and also emotional journey.

What makes MU special for you?

Compared with other medium sized Executive Search or Talent Advisory Consultancy Firms in the market, MU is special. We are able to offer a full range of Talent Management solutions to support our client's varied development needs at different development stages, which makes Mercuri Urval a special Advisor to our international clients. Often I start to support a client on Selection Assessment, then soon take assignments on Executive Search, moving on to TeamScan and designing / delivering development workshops for the same client.

As a Consultant, I would not feel fulfilled if I could only do recruitment or only perform assessment; similarly, I would feel stuck "in the box", if I was only focusing on one sector / industry, working with the same group of stakeholders. Mercuri Urval offers an amazing platform for us to unfold our potential and to commercialise different business opportunities in the market. The diversity of my tasks and new challenges keep "pushing" me to leave my comfort zone and to learn new knowledge and skill sets. What makes Mercuri Urval special for me? I would say it's the development opportunity MU offers to me, both in terms of my doing and being.

Because of our global reach and internal business model, we have the chance to team up with colleagues from different teams, both locally and internally. The Talent Advisory project I performed in 2018, which involved 27 consultants from 12 countries, assessed 35 nationalities; in total 650 leadership assessments. It was a truly amazing and special experience for me to work with a group of colleagues who are extraordinarily professional, knowledgeable, hard working and have a great sense of humour!

What does it mean to be a Director? Which tasks does it involve?

I started my Director role in January 2018 and currently I am responsible for team Shanghai. Bringing business to our team and driving sales efforts to accelerate business growth are my prioritised tasks. To keep searching for extraordinary new consultants to join us is important for all Directors in Mercuri Urval. Being a Director also means ensuring our team delivers excellence according to company standards and implementing systems with discipline. I appreciate my previous Leader very much, who was a Mentor to me more than just a Manager when I was new to the organisation. I would like to continue the legacy she left, and try to give the same experience to new colleagues.

You are one of Mercuri Urval's first Partners – What changed after becoming a Partner?

With honour, together with other colleagues, we became equity Partners in the company. The day we were officially announced Partners was just another day where I could meet great people, this time in Stockholm. On this day, you could really feel that it is all about people. I actually remember thinking if I would change after becoming a Partner. But no. I didn't change towards my colleagues or clients. I'm still the same Anne - the enthusiastic but thorough consultant and colleague in the Shanghai Office. I still have passion for talent development. I still have passion for Executive Search. In that way, I'm still the same. What changed is that my responsibilities are different now. I want to bring more influence into the company, so we all together can be even better. In other words, being involved in shaping the company's future, contributing and participating on writing articles, different events, PR activities, developing sales materials in our strategic business focus areas, etc.


Anne holds a postgraduate diploma in Training & HR Management, and also in Applied Psychology. She joined Mercuri Urval in 2010 and is based in Shanghai, where she works with major Executive Search and Talent Solutions. She typically works with European companies which are expanding their reach in the Asian market. Having experience in assessments and talent solutions, Anne developed new skills in Executive Search with Mercuri Urval, and became a Director and Partner.