Mercuri Urval partnership with Cranfield University

Jointly developing organisations to solve challenges of today and tomorrow

Mercuri urval (MU) and Cranfield University are partners in building development programmes with a global reach, helping clients achieving their organisational goals by combining MUs leadership assessment tools and diagnostic capability with Cranfield’s experience in designing and delivering executive education.

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Imagine the power of creating and delivering a bespoke development programme using deep insights from each individual within your organisation.

By understanding and aligning clients’ organisational context and strategic objectives with deep insights into the potential and the challenges of people, MU and Cranfield University co-create with the client a powerful customised development solution that is based on scientific assessment and learning excellence.

What the partnership delivers

Maximising clients’ success through deep organisational insights

We work with clients to establish what is right for the organisation and deploy the appropriate diagnostic tools at the right time for their needs, whether that’s an enterprise-wide programme or one focused on a particular division, jurisdiction or function.


Data from MUs leadership assessment tools and Cranfield’s diagnostic interviews captures vital information that will enhance the impact of the clients' investment and maximise the success of the objectives at every stage of the programme development and delivery:

  • Identify trends, strengths and weaknesses within the organisation.
  • Offer analysis of the cultural and organisational context.
  • Clarify and establish the learning inputs and interventions required to achieve goals.
  • Create a common language and platform to build from during programme design and delivery.
  • Design programme(s) that will deliver optimum results for organisation and people.
  • Provide our programme delivery teams with invaluable insight into each cohort and individual they are working with.
  • Support participants' engagement and understanding during programme delivery.
  • Provide insight for senior leaders and line managers.

Our clients’ approach is tailored to their challenges and geared towards delivery of their goals. Typical needs are:

  • Effectively identify, assess, and develop leaders and talents to increase success, solve challenges, retain potentials and reduce underperformance.
  • Uncover leaders’ capabilities to move organisations from the current position to a future desired state.
  • Leverage on teams’ talents and synergies to find a way forward at times of change or solve burning platforms.

Partnership capabilities and our promise to clients

Our partnership combines expertise, capabilities and world-class resources coming from both MU and Cranfield. We commit to design and deliver solutions that are geared towards effectiveness and impact, with proprietary procedures and tools deployed to create high-quality solutions that are diverse, ethical, and reliable.

  • Our solutions are Quality Assured with the combination of Triple Accreditation (Cranfield) and the ISO 10667 (MU). A certified methodology guarantees high-quality learning interventions for leader.
  • We provide deep knowledge and expertise in assessments, analytics and learning design utilising global experts with local knowledge, strengthened by strong brand reputations and track record across markets
  • Clients can count on us leveraging our experience to precisely configure programmes using proprietary assessment tools, experts, proven methodologies and world-leading research (REF 2021).
  • We conduct regular evaluations with effective joint programme management. This drives agility, astuteness and responsiveness, meaning we can pivot in-programme to ensure your needs are met.
  • We use Designed for Impact research-led methodology as well as evidence-based tools to maximise and demonstrate clients’ return on investment.
  • The vast Open Programme portfolio can also be readily modularised and tailored to clients to provide insight-driven solutions.

Want to know more?

Reach out to Isabella Valentini, Director leading the global partnership with Cranfield, to learn more about the Partnership between MU and Cranfield University.

Isabella Valentini | Director Mercuri Urval International Business


Phone: +45 5076 1208