Creating Growth Opportunities through People is Core in Jeannine’s Business

Jeannine's journey in Mercuri Urval is full of new responsibilities, geographical variations, and inspiring people. She specialises in Executive Search and has an eye for supporting her clients' growth nationally and internationally. Having a proactive personality and interest in Southeast Asia, she moved to Singapore and led this region until 2018. Currently she is based in Düsseldorf where she drives her own internal team and is one of Mercuri Urval's Partners.

One of your roles is being a Director – what is the best part of that?

The best thing about being a Director and driving your own team is that you can actively contribute to others' success. Seeing people in the company grow and becoming more successful each day is a blessing. The Director role allows me to pass on what I have learned from others over the years in different locations and countries and within different project teams. The Directors probably have the most important and impactful role in the company. Each Director influences our culture and how we work together every single day – making sure that our values are really lived.

You are also an Executive Search "mentor" together with other colleagues - can you tell us a bit about that?

As a trainer in our Executive Search Excellence program, you work with the best Consultants we have in the Executive Search business. It is exciting that we can bring so many people from different places together, yet all have the same goal, speak the same "language" and while they are supposed to acquire some more knowledge and learn from each other during our training sessions, we as trainers also learn from them. Understanding the different markets better and hence making sure our Executive Search approach is always state of the art, that is exciting, and it is fulfilling. Only with the close exchange at a global level can we make sure we are ahead of the challenges our clients face and can deliver excellence. It is a great change from daily work to meet and learn together and for sure the fun after work and getting to know your colleagues more personally is worth it too. 

What makes Mercuri Urval special for you?

Probably not a surprise: it is the people working here. Since 2008, I have met some outstanding personalities and made some really good friends. Also, when returning from my time in Singapore, the company did an excellent job in relocating me. Knowing lots of companies who struggle with this, Mercuri Urval made it a smooth and happy journey. The fact that Mercuri Urval really cares about their people makes the company unique. It's not a poster on the wall but a real commitment. On top of that, I have more freedom to get my job done than probably anywhere else. With a dog, a partner who works and travels quite a lot as well, a horse and three sheep plus a passion for hunting, flexibility from my employer plus lots of trust in me, are the main ingredients for a successful work life!

What experiences at Mercuri Urval have had the biggest impact on your career development?

Well, the biggest impact had been the fact that I could always be myself and that there were people who made wise decisions and gave very good advice to me and how I should approach my career. While Singapore was where I had a very steep learning curve - it is the people I'm engaging with each day that make a difference. I always had great managers and I believe it's crucial to have role models you can follow when growing in your job.

Do you have any advice for new consultants who wish to join your team?

Be brave. Be confident. Give your best. And never be afraid to fail.

Consultants who want to join my team will need to be excited about international work, see opportunities where others see obstacles and be able to live with a Director who is a bit unstructured and not too well organised. :) But one who is great at improvising when necessary. 

Can you sum up your work in 3 words? Why these words?

  • International – I don't see borders but 500 colleagues I can leverage and connect with
  • Unconventional – if it's not been done so far, we should do it
  • Fun – if it doesn't make you laugh on a regular basis, it's the wrong job...


Jeannine holds a PhD in International Politics from Johannes Gutenberg University in Mainz and has studied Japanese at the Nihon University in Tokyo. In 2008, she started her career in Mercuri Urval Wiesbaden but moved to Singapore in 2013 where she was leading the Southeast Asian region. By the start of 2018 she returned to Germany and is now one of the Directors at the Düsseldorf office as well as one of Mercuri Urval appointed Partners.

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