Virtual Leadership & Team Work

  • A Mercuri Urval Survey

By Dr. Jeannine Hertel

In this survey MU together with Technische Hochschule Ingolstads Business School, directed their focus on the topic of Virtual leadership and Team Work. They set out to explore the topic in more depth, providing insights with the aim to help all of us deliver better results in the future.

The idea in brief

Gaining better knowledge about virtual leadership and the relevant success factors can push an organisation forward an turn average or even underperforming team into excellent contributors towards a company´s success.

The findings

From the 77% of respondents who stated that Virtual Leadership is a relevant topic in their company, three findings particularly stood out;

  • Need: 85% state that virtual leadership skills will become one of the core competencies of a manager
  • Challenge: 66% state that the accomplishment of business objectves has become more complicated
  • Solution: 13% state that "yes, my organisation defines a different skill set or ask for specific expertise for virtual leaders"

Virtual leadership is an important topic for organisations. We have found that it comes with certain challenges that are unique to a virtual setting and we have seen that organisations still need to develop skill sets for virtual leaders. The majority of the competencies we have asked our respondents to evaluate are understood as relevant for both types of leadership – local and virtual. Although some competencies stand out and should be considered as highly important to lead successfully from a distance.

The new virtual leader needs to be a;

"Proactive communicator who can establish contact easily, acts and decides independently, shows a high level of flexibility while he/she delegated and plans ahead effectively."


Download the full report to learn more about Virtual Leadership and Team Work.

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