How to successfully play the Russian game

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By Indrek Pajumaa

Long-term success in Russia required high level of cultural insight. It this article, Indrek Pajumaa explains how foreign investors can succeed. We bring you an overview of the opportunities and risk involved in doing business in Russian. The article is part of our Tomorrow´s Executive series.

Russia´s vast natural resources and its still underdeveloped financial and industrial sectors make it an alluring place for professionals looking to grow their business. But achieving long-term success in Russia required high level of cultural insight.

MU has more than 15 years experience of doing business across Russia´s diverse regions, and has excellent local knowledge to help companies succeed in this changing but exciting market.

A summary

  • Obtain cultural insight
  • Employ skilled lawyers and accountants
  • Build relationships
  • Do a feasibility study
  • Select the best people!


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