Mercuri Urval Research Institute

The home of MU Leader Selection Science®

MU Research Institute was founded to reassure and develop the basis for Mercuri Urval´s way of working as a science-based Executive Search and Leadership Advisory Firm.

MU Leader Selection Science®

The MU Research Institute applies MU Leadership Selection Science® to ensure services and tools that meet the highest ethical and quality assured standards when used by Mercuri Urval experts.

  • MU Leader Selection Science® pioneers the use of knowledge and facts, and systematic evidence-based methodologies.
  • MU Leader Selection Science® ensures a high-quality, ethical, and science-based way of working to select leaders and advise on leadership. Organisations receive more reliable advice. Leaders’ success at work is more sustainable. Organisations outperform.
  • MU Leader Selection Science® brings methods that are independently certified, to the highest industry standards for open, reliable, and valid decision-making regarding leaders and leadership at work (ISO 10667-2).
  • MU Leader Selection Science® based methodology ensures every candidate or leader assessed, receives balanced expert feedback to aid their development and future success at work – whether they are employed or not.
  • MU Leader Selection Science® guides our continuous effort to learn and provide ever more reliable science-based advice to clients and leaders.
  • MU Leader Selection Science® based methods and tools are only used by MU certified experts.
More than 90% of leaders we recommend meet or exceed expectations. Read the latst validation report here.

Partners in raising standards

Working with DNV-GL, ISO, Mercers, and other leading partners our MU Research Institute pursues research and service development for Mercuri Urval experts to apply in their work with clients:

  • R&D and development of tools, methods, frameworks, and services
  • Validation studies
  • Certification Programmes for MU experts
  • Partnership with expert bodies in quality assurance and reassuring science-based leader selection science