As a Candidate

Respect is key to Mercuri Urval's relationship with candidates.

The recruitment and selection process is about bringing together two parties – an organisation that needs specific capabilities to fill a role, and an individual having those specific capabilities.

The most effective recruitment processes promote mutual respect, making sure both parties benefit fully. And in the long term, Mercuri Urval is there to make sure each candidate settles and evolves in their new workplace. Because even the best matched candidate's performance can be helped to improve.

Throughout the interview sessions, the interviewee's personal and professional privacy is protected, as is any sensitive information regarding our client.

Our interviews with candidates are often conducted together with our client. These interviews focus on your achievements, aspirations and preferences. At the end of the interview we provide immediate feedback and some conclusions.

Our sincere hope is that every candidate – whether selected or not – gets valuable input and advice concerning his or her strengths, limitations and future career prospects.