Meet our People

Are you curious to know how we can be your path to excellence? 

We asked some of our colleagues about their daily life at work 

Read more about how our colleagues shaped their own journeys at Mercuri Urval - some managed and participated in remarkable cross-border projects from their first months with us, while others continue to find new career steps after 20 years in the company.


A bank of inspiration: The collaborations with colleagues who have lots of knowledge and experience are like having an incredible bank of inspiration.

Meet Nicklas


I feel like I have the best of all worlds; being affiliated with a quality company like Mercuri Urval, and being able to live and build my life in the land of a thousand hills.

Meet Doutzen


Be brave. Be confident. Give your best. And never be afraid to fail. Consultants who want to join my team will need to be excited about international work​.

Meet Jeannine


When I started at Mercuri Urval, I immediately felt a sense of belonging and today, years later, I'm still convinced of being in the right place​.

Meet Nicolas


The diversity of my tasks and new challenges keep "pushing" me to leave my comfort zone and to learn new knowledge and skill sets.

Meet Anne


Mercuri Urval believes in me and I am sure that we can provide a great environment for other consultants to grow and to make use of the freedom I have felt.

Meet Matthias


A big milestone on my journey has of course been the opportunity to move from China to Denmark.

Meet Isabella


My dream team has individuals who are energetic, client focused, highly collaborative and eager to succeed.

Meet Matthew