David Cox


David works out of our London and Washington DC offices. He has enjoyed an extensive career in business where he held various leadership positions within national and multi-national organisations across Europe and the USA, gaining considerable experience and insights; The significance of a company’s values, the negative impact the wrong culture can have on a company’s performance, how to build and lead a team, how to align people behind a strategy, how to move to a new country to start up and grow a new business and, the importance of making good people decisions.

As a result of his international background and business experience, David has worked on a considerable number of assignments and:

  • Helped boards determine what success looks like when asked to work on a search for their next CEO’s, Group Commercial Director, Chief Operating officer and other strategically important roles.
  • Supported clients by helping them understand what capabilities their leadership team has, identify what’s missing and how to best address it to improve the performance of the business.
  • Increased the outcome of a successful M&A integration by helping them understand their people better. Are people in the right jobs? Who has high potential? How do you help them become more engaged? How can they develop their skills?
  • Improved the performance of their sales teams through an effective selection criterion based on the business and their clients' needs.
  • Addressed the cultural challenges that are harming the business’s performance
  • Advised clients by adopting the right selection process supported by a 94% predictive assessment.
  • Supported the HR team to reduce employee churn to save costs and improve their engagement and overall performance.

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