Richard Moore

CEO and Partner

  • London

Richard Moore, co-located in Stockholm and London, has been the MU Chief Executive Officer since 2020. Richard is also a member of the MU Group Board. In addition to his role as CEO and Board member, Richard is an MU Partner and works with clients in MU’s global Board and CEO Expert Practice - in London and worldwide.

Richard joined MU in 2001 as a consultant. For most of his more than 20 years at MU, he has worked with clients on leadership recruitment, effectiveness and development. As well as advising clients on M&A, large-scale transformation and leadership development Richard has coached a large number of senior executives, Board members, Boards and leadership teams. Richard’s clients span most sectors and locations, with a focus both on privately owned firms and larger public corporations.  Richard is a certified leadership assessor, coach and team coach – speaking regularly on how to use science to improve leader success, increase diversity and accelerate organisations' performance.

Previously Richard has served on Company Boards in the US and Germany and led corporate restructuring programmes in a number of executive positions. He has extensive experience in developing operating models, corporate governance and strategy development execution. He has developed science-based tools and methods with the MU Research Institute for the effective analysis of Boards and Executive teams.

Prior to joining Mercuri Urval, Richard worked for Wal-Mart in Retail Operations and Human Resources. Richard holds a BA Honours degree in History from Lancaster University and a University Certificate, Postgraduate Certificate and Masters with Distinction in Psychology.

  • Executive Search
  • Leadership Assessment
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  • B360
  • Board & CEO effectiveness
  • Capability review
  • Leadership Development
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