Susanne Bentkjaer


Susanne Bentkjaer is an experienced consultant based in Copenhagen and works with national, public and international clients. Her main focus areas are international multilateral organisations, national ministries as well as the educational sector at university level; UNICEF, WWF, the Mary Foundation, the AIDS Foundation, The European Investment Bank (EIB), Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the University of Copenhagen just to name a few. Here she focuses on how to enhance the performance of an organisation, team and/or the individual leader through assessments, coaching and development processes.

Prior to joining Mercuri Urval in 2003, Susanne has been employed in management positions in the Danish public health sector with focus on strategy and financial planning. She also assisted the Danish and Greenlandic health sector in etablishing an independent health sector in Greenland. Her latest experience was as CFO at a larger (3,500 employees/DKK 2 bn budget) Copenhagen-based hospital.

Susanne is a certified coach as well as phsycotherapist. She has more than +1,000 hours of coaching experience at executive level as well as vast experience in mentoring talents and key personnel.

Susanne earned an MA in Political Science at the University of Copenhagen. She has later obtained a diploma in leadership and business at the Copenhagen Business University. With Danish as her native language, she speaks and writes English and French fluently. Speaks German and Spanish at lower level.