Nicklas is taking “It’s all about people” to a higher scale

Nicklas knows how to optimise opportunities both in terms of his own career development and the growth of his clients. To up-scale the belief in 'people matters', he started collaborating with larger global organisations. The need and complexity of having the right people in these firms evoke a great interest in him and further motivated him to become a Client Director as well as an Executive Search consultant.

You are on an internal career development path - can you tell us more about that?

I'm on the Client Director track, which means that I am heading (hopefully) to be one of our company's appointed Client Directors with a global responsibility for large partnerships with clients. This is highly connected to my motivation to work here because I enjoy making sales that influence people and organisations to a larger extent. The best part is that I am still an Executive Search consultant, but now I'm working with more complex circumstances due to the scope of the partnerships. So, with the development track I have gained even more knowledge and skills about leading larger partnerships as well as building a wider network of colleagues with whom I share new inputs and inspirations - also with those outside the programme.

How has your career development been in general?

To be fair I have developed more professionally as well as personally during my job as an Executive Search consultant than in any other job. All the knowledge and insights I have gained and am continuously developing can never just be read in a book or experienced as a line manager. While not wanting it to sound like a cliché, my development reasons are threefold:

  1. The collaborations with colleagues who have lots of knowledge and experience are like having an incredible bank of inspiration.
  2. Meeting candidates with high level skills that give me understanding of different sectors.
  3. Through the partnerships with global clients within different sectors and sizes, for example within automotive, forests & garden, coffee producers etc. The difference in their products and sectors are huge, but at the same time they have similarities when it comes to what the organisational leadership needs at the top level.

Can you describe what it means to you to be working with clients on a global scale?

A personal development regarding both cultures and structures. Business is different between countries and the complexity of developing and running an account globally is more fun and more challenging. It also contributes to a natural development of my network, both internally and externally. I am very curious to meet new people and build something together. Lastly, it gives a bigger business opportunity - for me as a consultant. I get to see the impact the people we advise can do for the same business in different parts of the world, all contributing to a greater whole.

What makes Mercuri Urval special for you?

The core belief in people matters and actually operating in line with that instead of just stating it. So, everything we do is based on creating results through people, not by creating new structures or changing the processes, but by finding the right people and developing them. That is basically what makes Mercuri Urval special to me and that is why I am here. Also, in Sweden where I am located, it is difficult to find an Executive Search firm with an international scope that has a strong focus and core belief that people is the difference when creating results. Our international scope and core belief are very important to me and a big reason why I have chosen to continue to develop at Mercuri Urval. The biggest advantage of Mercuri Urval is that we are a global organisation and I can present an international team to clients with my own colleagues.

Can you describe what makes your workdays exceptional?

That must be the freedom both in terms of having the possibility to plan my days myself, but also to choose client sectors that interest me and seek partnerships with them. Another factor is working on the high demands from high-level executive clients, which make all my days challenging and unique. While each day at Mercuri Urval is unique they also have one thing in common and that is to have a daily goal, such as implementing business initiatives with clients, booking client meetings, conducting interviews with candidates or analysing and preparing for these. Every day has a different goal, which I think makes every day exceptional.

Can you sum up your work in three words?

  • Freedom with responsibility - to be able to plan, drive and develop your own working day.
  • Challenge - Every day is challenged by colleagues, clients and candidates.
  • Great fun – Learning every day and being inspired while having fun with colleagues is unique.


Nicklas holds a bachelor's degree in Science in Business Administration and Economics from Örebro University and furthermore a specialisation in Marketing, Organisation and Leadership. He joined Mercuri Urval in 2011 and is based in Örebro, Sweden, where he is the account manager for rather large organisations and their collaborations with Mercuri Urval globally.