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for Zealand University Hospital

Denmark’s newest university hospital offers a strong professional environment and excellent research opportunities

We offer plenty — much more than you might expect. Here at Denmark’s newest university hospital (there are four others) we are in the process of settling into our new facilities and investing massively into technology, and you have the opportunity to join us on our journey. If you can see yourself as one of our future radiologists, we have a great package waiting for you.

 Flat structure with significant responsibility: We take pride in achieving a situation where we bring the ends together and bring those who can and desire to be at the forefront all the way to the front. As a department, we have a flat structure where employees have significant influence over their day-to-day work. You will therefore find that if you have a good idea, there is latitude of action to pursue it and put it into practice. You will have the opportunity to help make a professional and cultural mark on the department and be one of the university hospital’s “professional lighthouses”. 

 An outstanding interdisciplinary working environment: We consider a good working environment and a high level of well-being a prerequisite for creating good patient pathways. We work actively to promote the development of a “hospital without borders” when it comes to cooperation, both internally across specialisations and departments and externally with other hospitals, general practitioners and municipalities. We make sure that our doctors are able to focus on the most important thing, namely the patients, rather than having to deal with bureaucracy, finances and administration. We have also made great progress when it comes to digitalising radiology work processes.

 Many interesting partners: We are part of a large and well-functioning interdisciplinary university hospital where all specialisms are represented. This means that you will have the opportunity to work with many competent, passionate and collaboration-oriented colleagues. We also offer plenty of opportunities for those interested in contributing to research. 

 Excellent opportunities for personal and professional development: Zealand University Hospital wishes to be an inspiring, developing and attractive centre for education. The diagnostic imaging department is no exception, and we prioritise professionalism and skills development through clinical training of a high professional standard, training courses and many interesting patient categories.

 Flexible working hours: Whether you live nearby or some distance away from the university hospital, you will be able to design your work week with a high degree of flexibility. We can accommodate those who want to work every day of the week, those who would rather work long hours over fewer days, those who enjoy being on-call and  everything in between, including work-from-home days. Naturally, work schedules are planned together with your future colleagues to make sure that everyone’s needs are met in the best possible way.

Beautiful surroundings and the opportunity to choose where you want to live: You can live wherever you like, anywhere in Denmark or even in a neighbouring country. We would of course love for you to live close to the university hospital, whether that be in Køge, Roskilde or any of the other lovely places on offer. You have a choice of forests, water, countryside or cultural hubs, all within easy reach. The Danish capital and cultural metropolis of Copenhagen is located just 30 minutes from the various locations.

Solid on-boarding process: Region Zealand, which the university hospital comes under, stands ready to offer new arrivals plenty of help and advice. The region offers excellent nurseries and pre-schools, great private and public schools as well as a very well-functioning society with safe and secure living environments. Our local labour market is also very well organised.

Salary package: We offer salaries based on agreement where factors such as seniority, qualifications, on-call shifts, etc. are taken into account. There is also an opportunity for additional pay if you work more than 37 hours a week on average.

A bit about yourself: The overarching requirement is for you to be a qualified radiology specialist. Professionally, you should be motivated by taking on significant responsibility, by the diversity of duties that you will encounter in the department, and by collaborating with other clinical departments. We are recruiting for all radiology subspecialities, and you will find that our department has been equipped with the latest technology. Additionally, you should have strong collaboration skills and be willing to contribute to the department with a positive attitude and strong sense of commitment. 

About Zealand University Hospital: We are building a new hospital in Køge. In 2025, the university hospital will be opening a brand-new super hospital. This hospital will help support the region’s vision of ensuring patient treatment continuity and establish the framework for a flexible, future-proof hospital offering in Region Zealand. This new super hospital will see Zealand University Hospital grow to three times its present size, making it a treatment centre for patients across the region.

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The deadline for submitting applications is 1 February 2022.

 Other interesting vacancies will also be posted here. 

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