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for Nykøbing Falster Hospital

for Nykøbing Falster Hospital

Denmark offers close access to the sea, research opportunities, and targeted talent development

We offer a quite lot – actually much more than you might expect. If you are one of our future Consultant Anaesthetist for the Department of Anaesthesiology, we have a great package for you:

Scenic surroundings and a nice provincial town: You may live wherever you’d like, in Denmark or elsewhere in Scandinavia. However, we would love it if you’d come and live near the hospital. Nykøbing Falster is located in the most beautiful surroundings with an abundance of possibilities for water sports and other nature experiences, such as Stevns Klint (which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site) and Denmark’s best bathing beach, Marielyst Strand. Both Nykøbing Falster Municipality and Region Zealand stand ready with lots of help and advice for new arrivals. 

From here, it takes an hour and a half to Copenhagen, to Sweden or to northern Germany. The homes are reasonably priced and with water views, fine crèches and preschools, excellent private and public schools, and a nice old town of a good size, where you’ll find most everything you might need. If you prefer to live in Copenhagen, a direct bus from Vesterbro to the hospital operates every morning – where you can therefore sit back and be driven to work, including with Wi-Fi.

Foreign scientific and scholarly researchers and high-paid employees: as a consultant in anesthesiology you will work 37 hours per week. With the right qualifications, degrees, a limited amount of extra-work, nightshifts, and work on sun- and holidays, you’ll be able to earn more than the needed 9.100 € (pension included) per month that allows you to a guaranteed tax-scheme on 32,84%. The tax-scheme is targeted high-paid specialists and scientists moving to Denmark. All in all, a very attractive pay packet.

Massive opportunities for personal development: At the Department of Anaesthesiology we have decided to be specialists in talent development. This means that you get an individual skills development plan to ensure that you enhance your expertise and that we together deliver better patient care. This may be skills development via medical, managerial and/or research-based specialisation. 

Exciting research initiatives: Not very many people are aware of this, but we do a massive amount of research and are one of the hospitals – both nationally and internationally – that has come the furthest with Patient Reported Outcomes (PROs). In other words, we are beginning to obtain strong evidence of what works. In addition, we have recently inaugurated our new research building, where we seek to innovate the hospital system in close cooperation with the local business community.

Flat structure with tremendous latitude of action: We take pride in supporting those who desire to be at the forefront. If you have a good idea, you will find that there is a framework with a latitude of action to pursue it and put it into practice. Nor are we afraid to undo or reverse a wrong decision and we limit our bureaucracy to the bare minimum.

Very different patients – but always at the centre: With us, we guarantee that you will come into contact with a wide variety of patients and specialisations. One minute you put a patient in anaesthesia, the other there is collegial sparring with our talented colleagues at the Intensive Care Ward, and the third moment you are immersed in a research project with an impact on the future of health care. At the same time, we have a patient base that in part needs our expertise, however which also places great demands on our understanding of the whole person.

Flexible working hours: Whether you live nearby or some distance away from the hospital, you can pack your work week with great flexibility. We have a place for those who want to work every day of the week, those who would rather work long hours for fewer days, and also a place for those who would prefer to be on-call. And everything in between. 

A bit about yourself: The overall requirement for you is that you are authorized as a specialist in anesthesiology and have 5 years’ experience working as a specialist in anesthesiology.  In addition, you have an ambition to exercise leadership and accept management responsibilities. Furthermore, you need to be prepared for whatever may come your way, while maintaining flexibility and with a high level of energy. If you also have a desire to work on developing something that fundamentally changes patient care, that would be fantastic – we certainly have the community and ambition for that.

Read more about Nykøbing Falster Hospital and the job in the job description and requirements profile here and watch this video, where you get to meet your potential new colleagues.

Contact Jakob Westh, telephone +45 6089 6436 or Line Møgelvang Villadsen, telephone +45 4167 8243 from Mercuri Urval for details..

We are hiring on an ongoing basis – however all applications must be received no later than 16 November 2020.

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