Annemieke’s goal is to obtain results for people by making them happy

Annemieke believes that happiness in the work environment helps people and organisations succeed. This is why she supports her clients in national and international Executive Search assignments, as well as leadership and development programs. With her strong focus on quality, Annemieke ensures that all partners are satisfied.

One of your responsibilities is internal quality control, what does that entail exactly?

At Mercuri Urval we have a few international certifications, one being the ISO 10667-2. Every year, we perform a number of internal audits to make sure that we are working according to these standards and I'm part of the Belgian audit team. To me, quality is at the very core of our work because it engenders trust. Standardisation, on the other hand, is crucial because of the complex nature of our job; there are hundreds of elements to consider in each and every partnership. That is why it is so important for my colleagues and I to operate in a truly ISO standardised way.

You have a special international role in Mercuri Urval, can you tell us something about that?

My job as a consultant is to help clients translate their strategies into talent acquisition and development projects. All businesses thrive on people doing their jobs well, but in order to do so, they need the right people. This is where we can help. It doesn't matter where in the world they are, all businesses should have access to the same high standards and quality and be able to find their people. This perspective together with my personal interest in different cultures put me on the path towards a more international career, driving me to join the IBO team only one year after I started working at Mercuri Urval.

The IBO is our International Business Office, where we help all colleagues with global clients and align our processes internationally. This is something I really enjoy as I get to be part of international projects and experience various ways of working. It is always a great learning opportunity.

What makes Mercuri Urval special to you?

My job at Mercuri Urval constantly challenges me; no two days are alike. I have been introduced to a world full of business leaders, insightful meetings, leadership potential, exciting travel and new ways of doing business.

As a business psychologist, it has always been my number one goal to find the perfect match between an organisation and a candidate, to make people happy in their (future) jobs. Mercuri Urval gives me the opportunity to pursue this goal. I get to sell big assignments, establish strong partnerships and perform in-depth context analyses to make sure that all parties, both clients and candidates, are successful and happy.

What inspires you in your work for Mercuri Urval?

It is exceptional how much we can do to make people happier and more successful in their daily (work) lives!

I'm proud of making my clients and candidates reflect on their professional behaviour and helping them develop. Working long-term with both clients and candidates enables me to see the impact I can have on businesses through their people. Happy and successful clients and candidates make me happy in my own job.

The teamwork within Mercuri Urval is also tremendously motivating, in addition to helping us find the perfect match each and every time. Whenever I work on a project, whether it is in my local office Antwerp in Belgium, or across teams on assignments in China, the USA or the Middle East, I am always amazed to see how many competent people we have around the world. Everybody is aligned, teams are put together in a complementary manner which makes working together easy and super efficient. I can also always be sure that my colleague has my back, which makes me feel really secure.

What is your advice for colleagues who want to work internationally?

Just do it! Do your research and target local companies with branches in other countries, and off you go! Or talk to your colleagues in the countries you would like to work in, ask if it would be possible to take part in an assignment. As in many things with Mercuri Urval, you have to take initiative and show commitment. Other than that, there is literally nothing holding you back.

Can you sum up your work in 3 words? Why these words?

  1. People: since it is all about people
  2. Teamwork: since we can do so much more if we are teaming up
  3. Worldwide: I love the international aspect!!


Having obtained a Bachelor in International Business Administration and a Master of Science in Psychology, Annemieke joined Mercuri Urval in 2013 – because it's the perfect combination of the business world and psychology, as she herself is bound to say.

At Mercuri Urval, she is an example of how talent has no limit. She started working as a Recruiter and is now an Executive Search Consultant and a development expert with two additional roles. Annemieke is a member of our International Business Office which makes sure Mercuri Urval has a free-flowing global reach. Moreover, she works as an assessment quality expert for ISO 10667 and monitors the implementation of the quality standards in Belgium.