Caroline Kock

Group Director (Team Leader)

Caroline Kock, based in Stockholm, is a member of Mercuri Urvals Public sector (including public health, municipal, state) where she focuses on high level recruitment, team coaching and individual management coaching. Typical clients are several big municipals in the Stockholm area and administrative authorities. Caroline also focuses on IT industry and Real Estate. She has an ICF-ceritifcation and serves as an active member of Mercuri Urval´s management team in Sweden.

Prior to joining Mercuri Urval, Caroline served as an HR consultant at Wise. Caroline previously worked as a Search and Recruitment consultant at Hammer & Hanborg and began her career in the headhunting industry in 1998. Throughout her career, Caroline has worked on both deal execution and on the HR side of the headhunting business, collaborating with senior management teams on ongoing strategic and operating issues. Prior to this, Caroline has worked in a labour office.

Caroline is an authorised Executive Search Consultant and member of ESK, Föreningen Sveriges Executive Search Konsulter. She is also an ICF certified coach and works as a trainer in coaching and Mercuri Urvals Personality Inventory.

Caroine earned a MSc in Behavioral Science at Uppsala Universitet.