Oil & Gas Special report

  • A Mercuri Urval two-part special report

In the first of this two-part MU article, we explain the global drivers behind the severe lack of qualified oil and gas personnel, and how providing training and work experience to inexperienced candidates must be part of a socially responsible company´s recruitment strategy.

In the second section he builds on the six-point guide in the previous article in order to outline how employer branding is one of several factors companies should consider when recruiting experienced oil and gas personnel.

A socially responsible recruitment strategy will drive sustainable growth

For decades to come, oil and gas will continue to be our main source of energy, and consumption will only rise as populations increase and millions of people are lifted out of poverty.

Consequently, thousands more engineers and other personnel are needed to extract this energy. Many companies, however, are seeing their business operations and profits threatened by a shortfall of talent to meet recruitment needs. How can the industry overcome the imminent recruitment crisis?

The vital role of employer branding in the energy industry

Having a solid brand reputation is particularly important in the oil and gas sector, since it makes attracting the right people much easier. You will have great difficulty finding talented people if your company hasn´t built a strong image as a socially responsible and likeable stakeholder.

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