Mikkel Skole

Executive Vice President and Partner

Mikkel Skole, Partner & Director and member of our Leadership Team, has been with Mercuri Urval since 2007. He is based in Aarhus, Denmark.

Mikkel has since his start as a consultant worked a lot with both executive search and our talent services. He was primarily responsible for creating the Management Development Programme, which became an official MU service in 2011.

After finishing his E-MBA, he became a team leader in Aarhus in 2014 and in 2017 he joined the IBO as an associate member. He also started his track towards the role of a Central Manager in 2017 and was responsible for teams in Denmark and the Netherlands before entering his present position.

Prior to joining Mercuri Urval, Mikkel was a successful entrepreneur, creating a small handful of companies within the hospitality industry, that he sold in 2006. He has a Master’s degree in Law from Aarhus University (2006) and an E-MBA from IE Business School in Madrid (2014).​​