Mercuri Urval: The company and culture

Our industry was formed to help clients with a timeless problem: Employing the right people. In the beginning, we discovered that it was possible to employ more effectively than the norm – using unique and pioneering methods that provided for more open, valid and reliable selection. From the 1960s to today, we know that future success at work, that could not be directly observed, could still be reliably predicted.

Today rapid change, increased expectations and scarcity of talent make this problem more challenging than ever to solve. Especially at leadership level where the impact of getting decisions right or wrong is the largest. An evidence-based method is required. From a diverse pool, more than 90%* of leaders selected using the Mercuri Urval method succeed at work.

Mercuri Urval solves the client’s problem in a more thorough and evidence-based way, through a quality-assured consulting project.

  • Mercuri Urval was founded in 1967 in Stockholm, Sweden.
  • In 1974, we grew our presence in Europe, with the first international locations in the UK and Denmark.
  • In the late 1970s, Mercuri Urval opened offices in Germany, Finland, Norway, and the Netherlands.
  • The international growth continued in the 1980s with new offices in France, the US, Spain, Belgium, and Switzerland. Later we expanded to Italy and even to Australia.
  • Towards the early 2000s, we had increased our global scope and were, by then, serving clients in 60 different countries. The new offices were located in Austria, Portugal, the Baltic States, Poland, Singapore, China, India, and Brazil.
  • In 2015, we merged to One Mercuri Urval and in 2016, the founder and owner of Mercuri Urval donated the company to a foundation, Stiftelsen Mercuri Urval.
  • In March 2020, Richard Moore was appointed CEO at Mercuri Urval and together with a new leadership team many important initiatives have been pursued to strengthen our long-term performance for clients and employees. The company focused its extensive knowledge capital and resources on ensuring clients have effective leaders, so they will outperform.

From being a small local company, we have grown organically with our clients to become an international company. Now as then, we stand for scientific methods that underpin clear leadership advice from expert client centric teams. The value we create is that our clients will outperform because of our reliable leadership advice – wherever in the world they need us.

Mercuri Urval was founded in 1967 in Stockholm, Sweden.

The Mercuri Urval foundation 

In June 2016 our owner and founder donated the company to the foundation “Stiftelsen Mercuri Urval” with the mission to safeguard Mercuri Urval’s strength and sustainability to secure our continued ability and perseverance in serving our clients.

The foundation ensures Mercuri Urval remains a long-standing strong, independent and successful company. The foundation will always hold the majority of shares in Mercuri Urval and Mercuri Urval cannot be sold.

When our company was donated by the founders, statutes were put in place to settle our enduring priorities and describe the super-ordinate frame for how we work. The statutes cover a number of focus areas, mainly being:

  • Role modelling sustainable business practices.
  • Protecting Mercuri Urval and our colleagues for the long term.
  • Serving clients beyond competition.
  • A healthy culture and a diverse high performing team.
We are now doing our most important work in the premium segment, securing the right leaders that will have the most immediate and long-term impact on clients’ results.


As a foundation owned company, we are able to offer employees partnership. This is a realistic option for all employees who join us. Currently, more than 50 employees from 14 countries are equity partners and shareholders in the company.

Geir Lislerud
Partner & Global Sector Lead Professional Services, Norway


I love the feeling of having a share of the company and working together as a collegium helping each other and the company to financial success. As a partner, I feel responsible not only for my own numbers, but for the total.


Seija Malmi
Partner, Finland


As a partner I have got the broader view to our company’s situation and challenges, that generates more meaningfulness and responsibility also to my own work. I have also had the pleasure to chair the Mercuri Urval Nomination Committee who assist our foundation, Stiftelsen Mercuri Urval, in evaluation of new and existing partners. Through this work I have got to know our partners, and partner candidates very well; the energy, result orientation and joy they show inspires me. I feel responsibility for others and their success. It’s not about me, it’s about us. It’s all about people.


Mieke Weijenberg
Partner & Director of the Group Board, The Netherlands


Becoming a partner was a well-thought-out choice I took to make a long-term commitment to Mercuri Urval. To be involved and have the responsibility to contribute to the everyday success and future result of the organisation is what drives me.


Vincenzo Di Pietro
Partner, Switzerland


For me being a partner is stepping into an entrepreneurial role which means taking a bigger responsibility regarding leadership behaviour, and always thinking how my company could be even more successful. Simply put; being a partner means I pour my whole energy and capacity into the future of Mercuri Urval, and always acting with passion and sense of responsibilities.


* Reoccurring validation studies, annually audited by DNV-GL