Life at Mercuri Urval

Our daily work is mirrored in our common belief that it’s all about people

We build trust

  • Life at Mercuri Urval is open. We work with high integrity and manage expectations by telling the truth regardless of who we work with. We give each other constructive feedback to learn and always proactively advise our clients to excellence by honest and individual recommendations for tough decisions.
  • Life at Mercuri Urval is fair. Fairness is in our bones with full meritocracy. Internally all our people have the same visible opportunities to earn, learn and grow. It is all about taking initiative and giving an effort to progress, as opportunities are based on your own contributions.

We build success stories

  • Life at Mercuri Urval has high-quality. We have a continuous drive to show commitment in our interactions. To take responsibility and show accountability by only delivering the right result, are crucial for us. We work hard to ensure we are trusted by our clients and people by building success stories for future businesses.
  • Life at Mercuri Urval is empowered. Our entrepreneurial spirit in the work environment gives us the freedom to work across sectors, offices and countries. A free-flowing global reach is a big part of our approach, as we have the possibility to work with areas we love and in places we want. This gives us the motivation to create extraordinary results.

We build strong relationships

  • Life at Mercuri Urval is people-oriented. It’s all about people - is our common belief and we take our time acting accordingly. By spending both quantity and quality time with clients, candidates and colleagues, we build personal bonds exceeding professional expectations. There is no need to hold back your personality. Instead, open up and be curious about the diversity in people around you.
  • Life at Mercuri Urval has team spirit. We enjoy working with people and their differences. Teaming-up across expertise areas and local teams are an important element in our dynamic daily routine. We willingly share knowledge among each other and celebrate successes as a team. However, as when true entrepreneurs fail, we stand together and constructively help each other learn and grow when needed.

We build deep expertise

  • Life at Mercuri Urval is high-performing. Each and every one of us is extraordinary achievers. We continuously try to further develop ourselves to gain more experience and knowledge, to always evolve as advisors. This enables us to be flexible when we meet, understand, and advise clients or candidates to excellence.
  • Life at Mercuri Urval is dynamic. No day is similar when working with people. Thus, our daily life is represented by a large variety of tasks depending on our client’s needs. To build expertise we put our clients first and truly see how we can help them regardless of how they want to develop their human talent.

Do you share our belief and want to join us? If so, you are always welcome to reach out to a local Team Leader or Partner