7 Characteristics of a Great Recruiter
- Hunt Scanlon feature

What are the characteristics of a great executive recruiter? Our colleague Hannu-Matias Nurmi was asked to share his thoughts in this article by Hunt Scanlon along side other industry professionals.

"A great recruiter is an excellent problem solver who finds solutions to a clients' challenges while being results oriented and effective," said Hannu-Matias Nurmi, Group Director and Head of Employment at Mercuri Urval.

"In order to do that successfully, the best recruiters create results and add value for their clients. And they get to know their clients well – inside and out. "One area that recruiters can improve upon, said Mr. Nurmi, is how they communicate proactively towards both clients and candidates. "Where are we in the process, what is the status, what is the next step," said Mr. Nurmi.

"Always be the one to call your clients and candidates first. When you get the call and you're asked where the process is going, you've lost the game. And one utterly important aspect – feedback, feedback, feedback! A great recruiter always provides valuable feedback to all candidates in the process. Do not forget those who did not get the job in the last step of the process."

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 Source: Hunt Scanlon´s official website

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