Matthew changed his career from
practicing Law to Executive Search

Matthew has spent his entire career selling and delivering professional services. After 12 years as a Barrister, he decided to develop a career within a Management Consultancy with an international footprint. He wanted to work with very different clients in more diverse environments. Since joining Mercuri Urval he has chosen to build a client platform with a particular focus on the Professional Services and Healthcare sectors. For 4 years he was based in Singapore. Since returning to the UK he has been invited to build the 2nd Team in the UK as a new Director.

You have been at Mercuri Urval for nearly 20 years – What made you join and what makes you stay?

Time flies when you are having fun! The reasons for joining and staying are many, but I will try to list a few. When I joined the company I was eager to work with corporate clients, rather than with individuals (this had been my focus as a Lawyer). Above all I wanted to work on international projects and assignments. I also wanted to utilise some of the skills I had developed as a Barrister. In particular I wanted to continue to focus on building sustainable client relationships and delivering excellent advisory services.

However, this is a long time ago. If you ask me why I have stayed, it is definitely due to how much I enjoy what we do and how much I believe in the value we create for clients. I particularly value my relationships with colleagues locally and internationally, and the high level of freedom each of us enjoys when planning activity and delivering results. Living and working in Singapore to do business in SEA and beyond for 4 years was also an outstanding professional experience, and an exceptional life experience.

Talking about experiences, which ones have the biggest impact on your career development at Mercuri Urval?

Besides living and working in Singapore, 2 specific experiences stand out. Firstly, I have always been inspired by international projects and assignments. Delivering what we do in an international context, has always been extraordinarily challenging, exiting and rewarding. The second experience I would highlight, has been working with some outstanding colleagues. Collaborating has always been a great learning experience.

You recently became a Director – What does teamwork in your dream team look like?

My dream team has individuals who are energetic, client focused, highly collaborative and eager to succeed. We will have a shared vision and shared values. We will believe in what we are doing, share our success and have some fun!

Why should new colleagues join your dream team?

Much will depend on the individual but generally speaking we are offering an opportunity to join a market leading, mature, profitable and growing international Executive Search & Talent Advisory Consultancy. These attributes should help turn the heads of even the most discerning talent!  For some, the opportunity to scale a business within a business with international reach, without many of the barriers they would face in other comparable businesses, will be particularly exciting. For others, it will be an opportunity to join a business with a brand synonymous with quality and professionalism. Some will be attracted by the breadth of our offer. Others will be attracted by the opportunity to become Partners. There are many compelling reasons to join our business. My challenge will be to attract great people to embrace the many opportunities we offer right here in London, one of the greatest cities in the world.

Can you sum up your work in 3 words? Why these words?

  1. Clients: without clients, we create no value
  2. Sales: without sales, we have no clients
  3. (Great) Colleagues: without colleagues, we have fewer clients, sell less interesting projects and assignments, learn less and have less fun!


Matthew is a qualified Lawyer with 12 years of experience as a Criminal Defense Barrister. He now has nearly 20 years of experience as a successful Consultant with Mercuri Urval, selling and delivering Executive Search, Professional Recruitment and Talent Advisory Services. His journey in Mercuri Urval has been diverse, both in terms of geography and in terms of his focus on markets, and client services. Most recently, Matthew continues to develop his career by becoming a Director.

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