MU named #1 ‘top-of-mind’ ES firm, and a leading ‘First-choice ES partner’ by Business Executives

By Sofia Hjort Lönegård

We are proud to share that in a recent brand analysis, MU has received top recognition as a trusted advisor within Executive Search. The study who was conducted by an external and independent research company* surveyed top-positioned leaders and focussed on  their expectations, knowledge, and preference of leadership recruitment  firms.

We are delighted to be named #1 ‘top-of-mind’ ES firm, and a leading ‘First-choice ES partner’, and this is just the latest of external recognitions MU has received the last years:

These recognitions is a testament to our unwavering commitment to bring success at work to all our clients. Most of all it’s a reflection on all our experts that together have established MU as a leading Executive Search firm in Europe.

Today it is clear, that securing effective leadership is one of the biggest challenges’ organisations face, and MU Experts are known and trusted partners.

Comprehensive and repeated research studies show that conventional Executive Search, recruitment and development ideas and methods are very often unsuccessful. Despite the many excellent professionals working in the industry, 40-50% of leader appointments fail, and CEOs regularly complain that less than 10% of their leader development expenditure delivers business value. Even more worryingly, as difficulty in selecting and developing leaders increases, success rates are deteriorating.

At MU, our experts have a unique way of working. We call it MU Leader Selection Science®. It is the MU way of working that reassures that our experts provide Reliable Leadership Advice™. The goal is sustainable leadership success, organisational outperformance, and inclusive workplaces. We have a success rate of more than 90%** .

Mercuri Urval's solutions build on a science-based methodology. Our solution is uniquely designed for you, and accurately predicts who will be the next leader of your organisation. We rest on more than 50 years of experience and knowledge of the leadership needed to succeed in an organisation’s specific context. We know how specific behaviour impacts your results. We will help you secure the leaders you need to get results.

Our task is to be ever more active and take this proud message to our or Potential Buyers network with ever increased focus and energy.

*Survey conducted by EssenceMediaCom, week 11-13 2023 in Germany.

** Validation report: More than 90% of the employed candidates fulfil or exceeds the demanded performance level.

About Mercuri Urval 

The only global Leadership Acquisition and Advisory firm based in the Nordics. Unique science-based services:

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  • Operating in all major markets; working without boundaries in person and online, worldwide

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