Jannicke Hilland receives the ‘Women's Board Award 2023 in Norway’

On January 19th, Jannicke Hilland received the ‘Women's Board Award 2023’.

The ‘Women's Board Award’ encourages more diversity on boards and wishes to recognise talented female board members with the potential to take on the role of chairperson in larger companies. We want to make talented women visible to nomination committees and other decision-making institutions.

There is also a new legislation in Norway that will support these efforts. Large and mid-size private firms in Norway now must have boards comprising at least 40% women. The proportion of women on boards in private Norwegian firms is currently 20%, the government said, up from 15% two decades ago. The new legislation affects around 20,000 firms.

The Norwegian winner of WBA 2023 Jannicke Hilland has solid operational experience that she brings into the boardroom. She is currently in the corporate management of Telenor as Head of Telenor Infrastructure. Previously, she held the position CEO of BKK/Eviny and she also held a director role in Statoil in the past. The candidate has experience from a number of boards such as Yara International, Nysnø climate investments, BONHEUR ASA, The Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences at University of Bergen, Energy Norway and Tafjord. She appears to be very strategic and holistic leader. With her good ability to distinguish important from less important, her strong focus on goals and results, focus combined with heavy tech and economic competence, she contributes to innovation as well as ensuring good implementation. Jannicke enjoys a high degree of complexity. She emphasizes balancing the role in boards - being constructive, critical and having a control function, as well as being a good bridge builder into the organization. With her solid educational background as a civil engineer from the University of Manchester and a PhD in physics from the University of Bergen, she also cab take on the role of technologist. She is committed to delivering high quality in everything she does, and she is contributing to creating results and lifting the organisation. 



The winner is described as good at interacting and achieving good cooperation. Furthermore, she is described as clear, warm person seeing the individual. She has a good peripheral vision.

Jannicke is the recipient of the Women's Board Award 2023 in Norway. She has been selected from an extensive pool of female board members who are ready to take up a position as chairman, and with their skills, ambitions and personal appearance, are role models for future board leaders.

The jury was made up of highly experienced leaders with a strong commitment to inclusion and diversity in management and boards. The jury assesses the selected candidates and nominates three who go on to an interview with the Executive Search Partner.

Gro Reinertsen, MU – Assessment Partner for WBA Norway:

"This year's candidates have been assessed by MU. Based on WBA's selection criteria, we have focused on Norwegian women who are both qualified for and interested in board chair positions in major Norwegian or foreign companies in the coming years. We have looked for candidates with experience from various sectors and in all parts of Norway in order to have a broad base of candidates represented."

Congratulations to the winner – Jannicke Hilland!

And a big thank you to our Partners – KPMG, Storebrand, and BI Norwegian Business School. Read more about WBA in Norway here: https://www.styreinfo.no/womens-board-award-norway.503054.en.html